My approach to holistic health is to help the whole body.

Everything is connected. Anything can cause anything. So, I use the thought process of zooming in and zooming out to see the whole picture.

When you think of a symptom or problem – that is zooming in. Headaches, pain, mood problems, bowel trouble, and allergies are all pieces of the puzzle that can give you information. When you zoom out from there you could notice that all of these problems might be connected and originating from a liver/gallbladder that is not functioning well.

This view can be taken with supplements, too. Zooming in: Cal Amo by Standard Process is a mineral salt. It supports the acid/alkaline balance of the body. Zoom out: When a person takes Cal Amo it can support the sinuses, lungs, adrenal glands, and joints. So, seeing the bigger picture of the benefits of specific supplements is important. 

Dr. Schmidt developed the 7 Step Blueprint to Optimal Health. These steps are the way the Practitioners in this office approach how to fix the problems of your body in a step-by-step fashion. This is how we zoom out and see the bigger picture. But, each step can help you zoom in on specific areas or concerns that may be the cause of chronic illness or poor health. Here is a link with information on Dr. Schmidt’s 7 Step Blueprint to Optimal Health.

A similar zoom in/zoom out approach can be taken with food. We can zoom in and look at ingredients and recipes to create meals for ourselves and our family. And, we can zoom out to see bigger picture truths such as eating real food, not products. Eat good quality healthy food like organic meats and organic vegetables.

I also apply this philosophy to life. When I zoom out I am setting goals and targets. When I zoom in I am making plans, taking steps to get to the goal. So, make plans and start taking steps to get to your health goals. We can help you with that. At The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, we help solve complex chronic conditions and illnesses by looking at the big picture and zooming in and out to help make a healthier you.

Yours in health,

Kerry Cradit