What’s Actually Causing Your Symptoms?

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 1 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Two Causes of Disease

What causes symptoms? When it comes to your Hardcore Holistic Nutrition there are 2 causes of disease. The first is not enough of the good stuff (nutritional deficiencies) and the second is too much of the bad stuff (toxicities).

prescription pills prop up your body and handles symptoms

You might be surprised to find out that even medications are toxic and a major factor in causing chronic illness symptoms.

Your diet is the foundation of your health which means you need to be eating foods that your body loves. 

Supplements To Detoxify

Nutritional supplements are important too but the diet comes first. The nutritional supplements are supplemental to a good diet. These supplements do very powerful things like detoxifying metal and chemical poisons and help the immune system get rid of pathogens. 

For some people, their body is so loaded up with parasites or toxins that they always feel sick no matter what they do with their diet. Keep this in mind because you may have a perfect diet and still feel bad – this means you need to take the next steps with supplements. 

When you visit the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, you are in charge, and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, the greater your chances of success.

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Over time, as you work with us on improving your health, MONITORING your improvements is the most important job. I ask this question all the time:

“Are you Better, Worse, or the Same since we last talked?”

Depending on your answer, we take action.

This is KEY to your success!

The goal is to take control of your health and live longer and healthier. 

Since practicing healthcare beginning in 1997, it is obvious that what we do at the NHCAA works!

The Steps At Our Office

When you first contact our office, you speak with someone at our front desk. You learn about what the health improvement program consists of including initial costs and options for visits. For example, they will tell you about phone appointments, traveling to our office, and the frequency of visits if you are local. The front desk person helps you decide which practitioner would work best for you depending on your schedule and preferences.

The front desk takes payment and books your first appointment(s). Then they send you the paperwork including the very important health survey. You fill these out and the Front Desk person teaches you how to upload your papers including lab results into your account for your practitioner to see. 

Before your first visit, your practitioner reads all your paperwork to study your biggest concerns and symptoms as well as the important labs you uploaded. 

Before you even talk with your practitioner, s/he already has a very good idea as to what steps to take to start improving your health including the type of diet and which supplements to recommend. 

The next step is the Timeline History. Your practitioner will ask specific questions so they have a good understanding of what the Causes of your condition were over the course of time. The initial history is for getting an overview and in later visits, we can dive deeper into each symptom and address them immediately. Consider that symptoms are the language of your body trying to tell us a story about its condition. We use symptoms to guide us in getting to the cause rather than trying to squash them. 

In the office, we perform an evaluation of your body through a procedure called “muscle-testing”. This procedure is an examination of the body’s organs using “biofeedback” where the body is telling us what it needs. It actually can tell us what organs need help, why they need help, and how to fix them. 

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The muscle testing procedure is simple for you to do. You hold your arm up and your practitioner pushes on the wrist which engages the deltoid muscle to keep the arm up. Then the practitioner touches various organs such as the thyroid area or heart area. This touch will affect the nerves and cause slight ischemia (loss of blood flow). This stress to the organ can be “too much” and your arm goes weak. 

Muscle testing is quick, safe, non-invasive, and very informative. We still look at lab results, the timeline history, and the symptom survey. Putting all of this information together gives us a great understanding of your health condition. This describes how we look at your health differently. This is how you are taking a step back to start over from the beginning with your healthcare from a whole new perspective. We aren’t treating your symptoms like conventional medicine. We aren’t focused on one abnormal lab result. We aren’t going to prop up your failing body as you get sicker and older. 

We are going to look at your body and lifestyle as a whole with the goal of real health improvement. As you get older, your health will be improving. 

chart to show your symptoms going away

Most people who come to me are tired of constantly running tests, not being heard, not getting the puzzle pieces put together.

My suggestion is to continue running medical tests as needed and keep searching for the answers to your health problems. In parallel with conventional medicine, it’s a good idea to get a true second opinion…

Such as in looking at the body from its function rather than only treating pathology.

Such as figuring out the Cause(s) of your health situation.

Such as feeding the body and organs specific nutrients to regain health.

Such as relying on diet to be the foundation.

Such as using powerful herbs to help the immune system battle organisms.

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Such as detoxification of detrimental metals and chemicals that you have been exposed to over time. 

This is why we have been able to achieve unbelievable results for many years running. 

When you address your body’s needs in this way, the end result is health improvement.

When your organs are all healthy, you feel and perform much better.

For example,

Better heart function means no chest pain.

Better blood function means stronger muscles, no dark circles under eyes.

Better brain function means smarter, better able to get tasks done.

Better kidney function means normal blood pressure, no swelling, less toxic.

Better liver function means clean body.

Better intestinal function means no bloating, no constipation or diarrhea. 

Better pituitary function means no acid reflux.

It’s common sense when all of your organs are performing optimally, you feel amazing!

But how is it that conventional medicine does not focus on increasing health? 

It’s because people go to the doctor with a complaint and the doctor wants to make the problem go away. They want to erase that symptom away. 

It’s basic supply and demand. Patients demand their health problems go away. Doctors need to supply a product to simply erase it. 

But asking the question “What’s actually causing this?” changes the whole viewpoint.

You are the most important person to ask this question because no one else will.

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