What Is Holistic Nutrition? And Causes Of Chronic Illness?

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This hardcore holistic nutrition blog is part 6 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”. Learn what causes chronic illnesses and more below.


Pathogens are one major cause of chronic illness. There are fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. When your body is chronically ill, the “bugs” live on your body’s non-viable tissue. 

Gross, right? 

pathogens can detox out of your nose

Getting these cleaned out is also gross and not always fun, but you have to get through it in order to get your health back.

Recently, a man had 10 to 20 parasites come out of his nose per day for 4 weeks with our supplement protocol. Now he feels fantastic, but it was a bit of an ordeal…

Each day he would blow his nose to get small bits of black things out, but he also had to pick worms out. Each was about an inch long or smaller. They were covered in very slippery slime and had a black line on the inside like a digestive tube or a spine. 

It can be super -gross, but it’s better to have them out than in!

Since I have personally dealt with parasites and mold, I have extra empathy with patients who have the same conditions. I’ve been through this myself, and I guide many others to health. 

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Toxins are the third major cause of chronic illness. 

The supplements we use for detoxing heavy metals, radiation, and chemicals have made amazing and sometimes strange results. Our two main tools for healing are diet and supplements. Here are some successes from supplements that detox…

One man’s urine was so stinky, he had to turn on the bathroom fan for the first two weeks of his detox program. 

Several people have said their bowel movement smells like burnt rubber or a chemical dump. 

to detox one must get rid of pathogens and toxins

One woman’s urine turned blue for a week. She worked as an MRI technician who injected dye into people’s arms. She even said she always wore “double gloves” but the dye still got into her body. 

The main thing to remember is that hardcore holistic nutrition replaces many other therapies. Having your tissues and body working optimally solves a lot of problems that are addressed with drugs by psychiatry, endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and etc, etc. 

If your foundational nutrition is optimal and your body is clean of pathogens and toxins, you can live a long full life with little attention on your body but rather attending to what’s fun and important to you such as family, work, learning, and personal development.

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Hardcore Holistic Nutrition benefits you by giving you answers to health issues that you can use forever. 

People who go through our program long-term get their physical and mental health back. They get freedom from pharmaceutical handcuffs. They experience Liberty that only hard work and success can provide once you are no longer dependent on another person. 

An important concept is to “Feed Your Organs”!

Contrast this with other reasons to eat such as “snacking”, or “comfort food” or “emotional eating” or “satisfying a craving”. These reasons are created to justify poor health and a bad diet. 

When you are healthy, your viewpoint on food shifts to “what should I eat for optimal performance?” and “What foods will keep my energy up for the longest period of time?”

When your food choices are great for you, you eliminate all the justifications mentioned before. 

in holistic nutrition you must feed your muscles

Which brings me back to feeding your organs. 

The Best Food

The biggest organ is your muscles. The best food for your muscles is meat.

Eating liver has reversed many cases of nerve pain and brought back emotional stability in many people.

Medicinal vegetables and herbs play a large role in raising health because they clean the blood and intestines. 

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Herbal supplements have chemicals called “secondary metabolites” that enhance our body’s biochemistry. These can clean an organ, protect the cells or an organ, enhance biochemical function and increase health. 

Your body’s structure (muscles, bones, brain, etc.) is maintained by eating meat. The secondary metabolites from herbs are like icing on the cake. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to feeding our organs, our modern day diet does not do this. 

This is why hardcore holistic nutrition does so well with chronic illness because of the large focus on diet followed by pathogens and toxins. 

You get long term results and symptoms dissipate. The symptoms don’t always go away as quickly as a drug but at least you are addressing the whole picture. The symptoms help us figure out the correct pathway to healing. Symptoms are how your organs and cells talk to us about how your body is functioning. 

Use the symptoms as guideposts. We are using them to achieve better function, less discomfort, better sleep, better digestion, and less anxiety and fatigue.

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