There is a spectrum of disorders that are related to each other. On the severe end there is Autism and getting less severe there is Aspergers, ADHD, and ADD.


It is commonly known that children suffer from these conditions. The rate of prevalence is increasing exponentially.

Toxins are the cause of autism, Aspergers, ADHD, and ADD. The most common toxin is mercury which is in our teeth as fillings.
A collection of autopsy studies found the amount of mercury in your brain is directly proportional to the amount of mercury in your teeth.
The amount of mercury in a baby’s brain is directly proportional to the number of mercury fillings in mom’s mouth.
When a baby is born with lots of mercury in the brain and is given more mercury via a vaccine shot, it can trigger instant autism. There are babies who have been born autistic and have never had a vaccine shot.
How do you fix this? Detoxify mercury out of the nervous system. It sounds easier than it is.

There are several steps to this, this is where to start.

First, heal the intestines. When this works well, toxins start to leave the body. The GAPS diet does a great job of this. GAPS stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome. Once the intestines are healed, then toxins start to leave the brain.
Next, assist pulling the toxins out of the body. There are two supplements that help pull mercury out of the brain without damaging the nerve cells. One is very expensive, one is much cheaper.
In medicine, there is no real solution since they only use toxins as their treatments.
The worst cases of autism have been reversed in the natural healthcare field. There is hope! Contact us for more information.
Yours in health, Darren Schmidt, D.C.