I have worked in the field of medications and supplements for 23 years; first as a pharmacy intern, then as a pharmacist, and now as a holistic pharmacist. I have always had nutritional supplements involved in my work. Throughout this time, I’ve been well aware of the importance of having adequate levels of Vitamin D, B12, iron, and so on. However, it was not until I started studying nutrition and holistic health and working hands-on with clients that I learned about the value of a nutrient called “inositol.”

After over 13 years of work with supplements, I can confidently say that Inositol is my #1 favorite supplement of all time. The use of this nutrient has produced clinical miracles, and in some cases, very quickly.

What is inositol?

Inositol is sometimes called a B vitamin; however, it is not actually a vitamin at all. Inositol is a type of sugar that your body, and the bodies of other mammals, produce from glucose. Don’t let the word “sugar” mislead you; inositol helps increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose. 

Food sources of inositol

Inositol is also contained in many foods. You can find inositol in high amounts in many legumes, fruit (especially citrus), whole grains, liver, and honey.

Functions of inositol in the body

The extent of inositol’s role in the intricate functions of the body is not fully known;  however, there is strong evidence for many very important functions such as:

  • Hormonal regulation
  • Nervous system health/neurotransmitter signaling
  • Insulin sensitivity/glucose regulations
  • Fertility/egg quality
  • Lipid (fat) metabolism
  • Cardiovascular health

Side effects of inositol

Inositol is not a drug, so it does not cause side effects. However, some individuals may experience some mild, unwanted effects, especially at higher dosages (over 1500mg) and more commonly if a high dose is started without a gradual increase in dose. These effects are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

My clinical results with inositol

As I mentioned, inositol is my favorite supplement. I have seen this supplement bring people out of crisis and into stability and good health. I have also seen inositol play a pivotal role in controlling many chronic conditions.

Here are my top clinical scenarios to use inositol:

  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive thoughts and compulsions
  • Depression
  • PCOS and many other menstrual irregularities
  • Pain (especially nerve pain)
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Headaches
  • Helping assist psychiatric drug tapering

Essentially, when I think of nervous system stress and neuroendocrine issues (issues that involve how the nervous system and hormonal systems interact), I think of inositol.

Real cases that inositol helped

I had a client who was working with her doctor to taper off anti-anxiety medications in a class called benzodiazepines (or Benzos). Benzos are very habit-forming and can cause troubling, even dangerous effects as someone is trying to discontinue them.  She was working with her medical doctor, but even with tapering down the dose, she was struggling. I helped her successfully and safely discontinue her Benzo by using inositol along with her tapering process.  With the help of inositol, she was off her benzo in less than a year.

I have 2 cases within the last year where the issue was extreme anxiety and panic with resulting insomnia. Both cases told me they were considering going in-patient in a psych hospital. Both cases responded to inositol within 24 hours of starting it and were able to avoid hospitalization.

Other specific results I’ve seen with inositol

  • Reducing and sometimes stopping tics, twitches, eye blinking, and vocal “stimming” in children
  • Return of a regular menstrual cycle in PCOS cases
  • Chronic pain under control
  • Reduction in pain from shingles

Not only does inositol do many amazing things for health, but it has other desirable aspects, too.

First, it is very safe and traditionally well tolerated. Any ill effects are usually mild and often resolve with a slower increase in the amount. It can be used in children and during pregnancy. Inositol can also be a safe alternative to side-effect-laden anxiety medications.

Second, it tastes really good! Inositol has a sweet flavor, which makes it pleasant to take. The sweet taste makes it very easy to administer to children. I typically use the inositol tablets by Standard Process, which are sourced from honey. These tablets can be chewed. There is also a powdered formulation that is so easy to add to drinks or smoothies. The powder is also very helpful if taking a higher dose.

As a bonus, the sweet taste and glucose-assisting properties can even help to reduce sugar cravings.

Sweet endings

Inositol is a nutrient that, in the right situation, can achieve clinical miracles. It is safe, well-tolerated, and tastes good. All these factors make it a nice adjunct to many healing plans.  If you have anxiety issues, I highly recommend this product to see if you can find safe relief.