With the warmer weather ahead it’s time to prepare your skin with our tanning protocol.

The sun is essential for the Vitamin D it provides. So if you’re going to be out in the sun, preparing for sun exposure and protecting your skin is essential. Learn how to tan safely in the sun below.

Here at The NHCAA, we have many summer tanning tips:

    1. Take Cataplex F Perles and Calcium Lactate about one month before you will be in the sun prepares the skin.
      We can check you for these products at your next visit.
    2. The general recommendation is 5 Cataplex F Perles per day and 6 – 8 Calcium Lactate before bed.
    3. Once you start spending more time outside in the sun or most of the day take 8 Cataplex F Perles. Keep taking 6 – 8 Calcium Lactate before bed.
      You could take extra Calcium Lactate if you burned. Also, apply Raw Virgin Coconut Oil to the skin throughout the day. Coconut Oil is a protectant and is SPF 4.

Once you are out in the sun more, Coconut Oil applied topically will help your skin feel and look great. Also, Aloe Vera or USF Ointment or Oxi-Cell (products we carry here in the office) can help heal burns and soothe the skin.

You should increase your sun exposure slowly. So, the first time you’re out in the sun shouldn’t be for 8 hours.

This tanning protocol helps; but, you have to build up your tan. If you know, you will be in the sun for an extended amount of time, and you haven’t built up to it, use a safer sunscreen that doesn’t contain aluminum. To find a healthy sunscreen, we recommend going to EWG 12th Annual Guide to Sunscreens.

Have a great summer and see you soon!

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