Let’s clear up any confusion on this: Sugar is BAD!

When you are trying to wade through all the conflicting information about what “diet” is right for you there is one simple truth to remember —White refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup are bad, but why is sugar bad for your health?

Once you know this and start to operate from this point of view some of the other diet confusions will be easier down the road.

Make a plan to decrease your white sugar consumption. And set a future goal to eliminate it totally. The reasons to do this are as numerous as the health facts about sugar.

Here are nine bad facts about sugar:

  1. Sugar causes inflammation. 
  2. Sugar creates bowel problems.
  3. Sugar feeds immune challenges, and makes you more likely to get sick and stay sick longer.
  4. Sugar contributes to depression and anxiety.
  5. Sugar causes cardiovascular disease.
  6. Sugar makes you gain weight.
  7. Sugar raises cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  8. Sugar consumption can lead to cancer.
  9. Sugar is highly addictive. Sugar is in the majority of processed foods. So, many people find the thought of stopping sugar impossible.

I would like to tell you it is possible.

sugar-bad-blog 2

It’s not easy.

But, it is possible.

We see patients every day in our office who have made the decision to eliminate sugar from their diet and their lives and health are greatly improved as a result. You can do it, too.

What symptom do you have that is bothering you?

It is probably related to sugar? If you have a health concern chances are it would improve with the reduction of sugar in your diet.

Give it a try. Your body will benefit. Come into our office and we can help you with your optimum food plan and kick the sugar habit!

Yours in health,  Kerry Cradit

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