It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and, it’s the most stressful for many. 

It doesn’t matter if your stress is from the demands of work or due to family- we can all be stretched thin throughout the year, especially during the holidays.  Lucky for you, there are supplements that can assist your nervous system and your adrenal glands, which both respond to stress.  When our stress loads stay high, we use nutrients like B vitamins for fuel.  When we couple that stress with eating sugary and starchy foods, we utilize even more B vitamins to clean up the metabolic waste products.  Adding B vitamins or even adding minerals or glandular support to re-feed your body can be like filling up your empty gas tank on your car.  These nutrients can keep you functioning better!  Here are three supplemental supports for stress that you might have or can request at your next health visit.

Cataplex B is an energizing blend of B vitamins that help boost your energy when you feel sluggish.  Especially if you eat some sugar over the holidays, you might find yourself feeling tired shortly afterward- Cataplex B can help.  Adding Cataplex B to your day and increasing your dose as directed by your practitioner can help decrease fatigue and refuel your engine!

Cataplex G is a calming blend of B vitamins that help you to relax when you feel wound up.  This tends to be more helpful if you get so nerved up around the holidays that you find yourself feeling tense or “stressed out.”  Adding an increased dose of Cataplex G as directed by your practitioner can help you keep your calm this holiday season. 

Min-Chex is a combination of B vitamins, minerals and glandular support.  When you’re burned out, run down, and you just feel like you need help to be energized but also need help to calm down, Min-Chex is here for you!  Follow the instructions from your practitioner to increase your Min-Chex dose to help you get a good night sleep and to help you boost your energy through this busy season!

If you don’t have these stress support supplements, call the center to set up a visit with your practitioner to see what could be most helpful for your health goals.

Yours in health and longevity, 

Kristen Clore, OTRL

I-MD & PhD student in Integrative Medicine & Quantum Physics

Holistic Occupational Therapist, Master Nutrition Response Practitioner ®

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