The moment you ring the New Year, you are bombarded with diets promising you miracle result, in records time.

Unfortunately, most of those diets aren’t even healthy but the contradicting recommendations can leave you very confused and overwhelmed.

At the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, we believe that health starts with food. And since our practice is based on individualized care, your nutritional needs are unique to you. In fact, there are many easy ways to improve your diet.

So, what works for your neighbor, colleague or that health blogger, isn’t necessarily going to work for you. Even what worked for you in the past, might not work for you right now, because your health might have changed since then.

Does eating a healthy diet sound even more confusing now?

Don’t worry, I will keep it short, simple and even easy to remember:

Just stop eating C.R.A.P:

Conventional Food: High in herbicides and pesticide residues, cancer-causing, and hormone-disrupting chemicals. Your best bet is Organic and Non-GMO, if you can’t afford it fresh, make your way to the frozen aisle: organic frozen is better than fresh conventional produce.

Image of a man wearing a chemical safety suit and spraying fresh greens with pesticides.

For more info on the dangers of convention food check websites like Consumers Reports,, Beyond Pesticides.

Refined Carbohydrate: Also known as simple carbs, it includes sugar and any grains that have been altered from its original form in nature: pasta, flour, white rice, cereals, etc. They are stripped of all of the nutrients, these empty foods cause inflammation and rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. (1)

Vegetables, low glycemic fruits, and occasionally sprouted grains are well-tolerated carbohydrates by most people.

Artificial Additives: MSG (Monosodium glutamate), artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, sodium nitrite, high fructose corn syrup, these are the most toxic and most common food additives. They have been linked to allergy reactions, inflammation inside the cell but also neurological behaviors; it may promote hyperactivity in children. (2)

Processed food: high in additives and preservatives, it’s any type of food that, has been through a series of alternations and turned into a packaged product.

Read the labels, make sure the ingredients are actual food you would recognize in nature, none of them belong to the list above.

The fewer ingredients, the better.

Bottom Line?

Stick to whole foods, that either comes from the soil or that has a mother.

Make sure every meal is filled with animal protein and healthy fat.

Buy from your local farmers, many companies like Aldi, Imperfect Foods, Brandless and Thrive Market are making organic and healthy options more accessible and affordable.

Dr. Taggy Bensaid, ND

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