It is a good idea to reset the body with an elimination diet (intermittent fasting, fast mimicking type diet, or ketogenic diet) or supplement supported cleanse periodically.

We are frequently asked, “Should I do a spring cleanse or spring detox? And if I do which one? Do I do a detox, a fast, a liver cleanse, or a colon cleanse? And even, “What exactly is a cleanse?”

A Cleanse is a detoxification or purification of the body or one of its organs or systems. As to whether you should do one and what kind is different for every person.

For many people, if we support the organs in the body that are under stress or not functioning well, an extensive cleanse is not always necessary and might even cause problems with your healing process. Many of the supplements we use are already detoxifying and cleansing your body on their own.

A Cleanse can be helpful. Body detoxification or purification can help with weight loss, skin problems, joint pain, bowel problems, fatigue, sinus problems, food cravings, and headaches. We have several different cleansing products or protocols we use in our office.

The Standard Process Purification is a 21-day Whole Food Purification Program to detoxify the liver, kidneys, and intestines and all the cells. The diet during the Standard Process cleanse program consists of vegetables and fruit with whole food supplements and protein shakes. At day 11 of this Cleanse, some protein foods may be added to the Standard Process Cleanse diet.

The Standard Process Purification program has helped people lose weight, improve energy, decrease cravings and improve cholesterol levels. When I did the program, I learned how to prepare a variety of vegetables efficiently and tried many vegetables I hadn’t eaten before. I also lost about twelve pounds. The first few days of this cleanse I felt a bit tired (but I was still able to work.) I also had some pain in my bones, but by day three I felt great! Feeling well continued until I finished the full 21 days.

One of our newer cleansing protocols comes from Systemic Formulas. This one is Dr. Schmidt’s favorite cleanse.

The Systemic Formulas Detoxification Program is three phases. The Prep Phase (30 days) supports the downstream channels (bowel, kidneys, liver) and prepares them for deeper detox later. The Body Phase (second 30-days) cleanses the extracellular matrix (the area outside the cells). And The Brain Phase (third 30-days) targets inside the cells. If you are on a nutritional program and eating our recommended diet, you would continue to eat normally throughout this program. Some people need to repeat specific phases based on needs.

Your Practitioner can answer any questions you have about all three recommended Cleansing or Detoxification protocols and check to see which would be best for your body.

Yours in health, Kerry Cradit

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