Why does a skin rash react differently to each person?

What are some common skin rash causes? During the summer months, we may have more attention on our skin as we expose more of it. Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body. Just as problematic skin is an outward sign of what might be happening in the body. Discover some common causes of skin problems below, including vitamin deficiency skin rashes. Whether you have a skin rash or bug bites, there are natural solutions to these skin problems.

Liver and gallbladder distress can be the cause of skin rashes. The liver and gallbladder are organs of elimination; and, if they are not detoxifying the body well, the skin becomes an alternative pathway for toxins to exit the body. Also, the liver and gallbladder are responsible for helping to digest fat and protein. Healthy fats and protein are necessary for skin elasticity, strength, and integrity. Often, vitamin deficiency can cause skin rashes too.

What are we missing in our diet?

Stretch marks are often related to mineral deficiency and incorrect or deficient fats. Applying Vitamin E oil topically can be beneficial. And, ask your practitioner to test you for minerals at your next visit.

Acne is often related to hormone imbalance in the body or immune challenges. By balancing out the hormonal organs and helping the immune system we can often help with facial and upper body acne, too.

Summer also brings more bug bites. Terra Shield by DoTerra is a powerful essential oil. It helps deter biting insects powerfully and safely. Also, if you do get bit, you can make a paste out of Standard Process Cholacol II (a bentonite clay) and Colloidal Silver. Just crush the Cholacol II and mix with a little water and a spray of colloidal silver. Apply this topically to draw the toxins from the skin. This paste can help with bee stings, mosquito bites, and other skin rashes like poison ivy.

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