Long Distance Nutrition Travel Package

Traveling to The NHCAA for Service

Available to our current and potential Long Distance patients who do not live close enough but would like to come to the office to see their practitioner.

If you choose to do the program, plan to visit us for a period of 48-72 hours, depending on practitioner availability, and schedule this package at least one month in advance.

You will have a series of 3 appointments with your practitioner, which include:

  1. New Patient evaluation visit with a heart test.
  2. Report of Finding visit that details your current whole health state with explanations along with diet and supplement recommendations.
  3. Follow up visit with your practitioner, along with a Meridian Heart Test. (This is the only non-invasive method for gauging the overall health and physiological age of your heart and arteries.)

The total price for this package is $560 and is paid at the time of booking.

We partner¬†with a great local hotel less than a mile from our office. It is called Weber’s Inn and they offer you a discounted rate of $99/night. To secure reservations under the discounted rate, we will give you the information to book your discounted rate, once you book your appointments with us.

Questions about our Long Distance Nutrition Travel Package? Or want to become a Long Distance Nutrition Travel Patient? Fill out this form and the best way to contact you, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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