Long Distance Nutrition Travel Package

Traveling to The NHCAA for Service

Our travel nutrition package is available to our current and potential Long Distance patients who do not live close enough but would like to come to the office to see their holistic health practitioner.

If you choose to do the nutrition counseling program, plan to visit us for a period of 48-72 hours, depending on practitioner availability, and schedule this package at least one month in advance.


3 Visits Over 2 Days $690

Day 1 Morning:
New Patient Appointment
  • Heart Sound Recorder –This is a computer test that measures the motion of the heart. A specialized microphone is placed over each of the four valve areas of the heart which graphs movement. The heart’s reaction to nutritional deficiencies can be observed using this device. Your Practitioner will review your results with you.
  • Practitioner visit/muscle testing to gather information to start the initial supplement recommendations and discuss diet.
Day 1 Afternoon:
Report of Findings Visit
  • Discussion with Practitioner about diet recommendations.
  • Practitioner explains Health Sound Recorder and results.
  • Muscle testing to determine additional supplement recommendations.
Day 2:
Meridian and 30-Minute Visit
  • Meridian – This machine is a screening tool to assess the condition of your heart and arteries. This includes the circulation capabilities of your arteries, hardening and plaquing of the arteries, pumping capability of the largest chamber of the heart, true arterial age and abnormal heart rhythm. This test is FDA 510(k) Cleared. We’ll give you the results and provide specific nutrition to improve the health of your heart and arteries.
Follow-Up Care:

One follow-up phone call (20 minutes) or in office visit (30 minutes)

Questions about our Long Distance Nutrition Travel Package? Or want to become a Long Distance Nutrition Travel Patient? Fill out this form and the best way to contact you, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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