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New Patient Nutrition Appointment & Report of Findings: (2 visits)

  • What to Expect at Each Visit:

    1st – Your New Patient Appointment: A Health Express Test* will be run to measure the health of your overall nervous system, the practitioner will review your health history, discuss your wellness goals, and assess your nutritional needs through the process of muscle testing.

    2nd -Your Report of Findings Appointment: You will be given a report containing the results the practitioner gathered at your first visit, which you will discuss with your practitioner and design a tailored wellness program based upon your health goals.

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Nutrition Visit:

A follow-up appointment with your practitioner that assess your progress and nutritional needs, using muscle testing.

Applied Kinesiology New Patient Appointment:

  • What to Expect at Your First Visit:

    This is a 1 hour long appointment, where Dr. Vickers will review your health history, conduct a full body muscle evaluation and go through the beginning stages of restoring your body’s balance.

    What is Applied Kinesiology? Applied Kinesiology is a muscle-balancing technique that restores balance and enhances function of the human frame. This allows you to move more freely without pain and relieves pressure on your nerves.

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Applied Kinesiology Appointment:

A follow-up appointment with Dr. Vickers to assess your progress and continue to restore your body’s balance.

*Health Express Test:

A noninvasive test used to show your overall physiological and nervous system health, as it responds to stress.

Meridian Heart Test:

A noninvasive, FDA approved test used to gauge the overall health and physiological age of your heart and arteries.

Cold Light Laser Therapy:

The cold light lasers are used in tandem with a wellness program to mend scars that are interfering with the nervous system, thus inhibiting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Cold light laser therapy is generally a 5-minute session recommended by your practitioner.

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