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Personalized Nutrition

Whether you are local to the Ann Arbor, MI area or halfway across the world, our skilled practitioners are here to help you get better! Office and phone visits are available, click below for more details!


Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a muscle-balancing technique that restores balance, and enhances function to the human frame. This therapy is only available in the office.



Chiropractic care consists of neuromusculoskeletal manipulation to further help restore balance to the human frame. This therapy is only available in the office.


Other Tests & Therapies

Heart Sound Recorder:

A computer test that measures the motion of the heart. A specialized microphone placed over each of the four valve areas of the heart graphs the movement. The heart’s reaction to nutritional deficiencies can be observed using this device.

Max Pulse Test:

The Max Pulse is a noninvasive, FDA-approved test that analyzes the health of your nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Cold Light Laser Therapy:

The cold light lasers are used in tandem with a wellness program to mend scars that are interfering with the nervous system, thus inhibiting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Cold light laser therapy is generally a 5-minute session recommended by your practitioner.

Far Infrared Sauna:

Far infrared is a natural band of light that is not visible but can be felt as heat. There are numerous infrared sauna benefits. For one thing, sweating in a sauna can assist in the removal of harmful waste products. This low EMF sauna could help with cardiovascular health, immune health, pain relief, relaxation, skin health, and weight loss. The sauna promotes circulation, helps with oxygenation to tissue, and promotes healing.