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Scoliosis is a curve in the spine that normally shouldn’t be there. If it occurred at birth it is called “congenital scoliosis” and it is due to your genetic makeup. If it happened later in life, it is called “idiopathic scoliosis” which means its cause is unknown.

My name is Dr. Joel Vickers and I specialize in Applied Kinesiology. I use “AK” as my primary muscle balancing tool to correct muscles that have been turned off via trauma. Because muscles move bones and hold them in their proper alignment, AK is a unique muscle balancing system designed to help correct muscular imbalances that can cause misalignments to any one of the 204 bones of the human body. These misalignments may produce curvatures and rotations of the spine, which can affect one or more vertebrae.

In idiopathic scoliosis, AK treatments can really make a structural difference in these patients. They usually have had some jolts, jars, or falls in their life resulting in muscular imbalances. (Think gymnasts, cheerleaders, soccer players, etc.) Not all muscles attach to the spine and hold it in its proper alignment, but those that do, (when weakened through trauma) will allow the spine to move away from them. Thus, looking at someone’s back, a curve to the left usually means muscles on the right side are in a weakened state and are allowing the vertebrae to move away from them. In most cases of idiopathic scoliosis, the abnormal curves in their spines can be corrected.

In congenital scoliosis, the curvatures in their spines are basically set for life and cannot be changed. However, the owners of said spines can still have muscles turned off via trauma. In other words, not all back pain of a patient with scoliosis is caused simply because they have the diagnosis of scoliosis. Patients with congenital scoliosis may also slip, fall, get in auto accidents, have sporting injuries, etc. and they need their muscles turned back on just like the rest of humanity.

I can help with scoliosis…regardless of the diagnosis. Call the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor at (734) 302-7575 and let me stabilize or totally correct your spinal curvatures!

Dr. Joel Vickers