How To Reverse Engineer Lactic Acidosis

by Follow The Physiology

So how can you best support your organs and make sure they are all working together to help naturally reverse engineer lactic acidosis?

The first thing is to avoid sugar.

The second is to eat more vegetables.

And the third is to eat more meat.

Meat plays a significant role in addressing the “lactate” part and the “acid” part of lactic acidosis.

Meat supports the structure and function of ALL the organs, and your muscles. When all the organs work well, then lactate and other toxins are naturally removed. 

AND meat provides “heme iron” which supplies oxygen and iron to the muscles. The oxygen attaches to the acid, which is hydrogen, and forms water, H2O. Oftentimes, the acid is embedded deep in the muscles which is why various muscle symptoms are common in many chronic illnesses. This is the best solution for the acidosis problems.

It may seem unusual to find out how beneficial meat is to your body, especially when you hear a lot of people say meat is bad for your health!

This is typically because of all the mixed messages being spread around from many different sources. But when you dig deep into the factual scientific evidence, you quickly find out that these rumours are based on observational studies, also known as epidemiology. These are general surveys, rather than an actual scientific method.

The scientific method has several steps which include step…

A woman in a white lab coat looks through a microscope with several white coated scientists in the background.

1) Make an observation. 

2) Form a hypothesis 

3) Test that hypothesis with an experiment 

4) Have someone else now has to replicate the results of the experiment.

Whereas the observational studies only do steps one and two and they never do an experiment. They have consistently given false conclusions. When an experiment is done, such as a clinical trial, it is seen that a low-carb diet is the most important diet and it beats out the low-fat diet that has been promoted since 1980 by the USDA.

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Do not be afraid of eating meat. No one has ever gotten cancer, diabetes, or a heart attack from meat. There is not a single scientific experiment to ever show meat causes disease. Disease is always from processed foods including sugars, grains, and seed oils.

Meat is the most important food there to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Therefore in order to learn how to reverse lactic acidosis, you need to understand more about Ketosis and the next steps to take.

Now that we have established that the most common cause of poor health is a high carbohydrate diet and that this is the major factor causing most chronic illnesses, we need to take steps to reverse engineer this. You will need to understand more about Ketosis, which will change the cells from burning sugar into the cells burning fat. Cells using sugar for fuel contribute to chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and obesity.

How to stop a severe lactic acid buildup? In order to stop this, you need to focus on a low-carb diet which most of the time includes eating more meat. Yes, there are other ways to get there but the easiest and most natural way is to focus on meat and reduce your carbs significantly. 

By doing this your body starts to break down its own fat stores – such as the fat that’s in your abdomen – this is the fat that is clogging up your arteries, liver, and pancreas.

You need to get rid of this fat and there is really only one way to do this healthfully.

red meat for lactic acidosis the nhcaa

You need your body to burn its own fat stores and at the same time improve the health of your organs.

The physiological term for this is called ketosis. I think everyone has heard this term but not many people really understand it. The word ketosis is commonly used to sell products but those are not necessary. It is a very basic thing to do. It is the native state of the body. 

For your body to use its fat for energy – all it’s doing is turning the fat into 3 water-based chemicals called “ketone bodies”  which are a great source of energy for your cells!

So how do you get into Ketosis?

There’s only one thing that matters to get into ketosis. That is to get your grams of carbohydrates very low – below 20 grams per day. You end up eating more meat and less plants. 

But once you are in ketosis, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in it and worry about falling out and failing. No, this is a natural state the body gets into as soon as it moves into burning your fat for energy. Therefore if you get out of ketosis sometimes and burn sugar again, it actually doesn’t matter and can even be good for your body to move between the two states.


Flipping back and forth from carb burning to ketosis is very healthy and shows fitness and flexibility in your cells. This is all about a natural BALANCE. This is a “balanced diet” that can be a lifestyle rather than a fad diet.

So this is not something that you will fail at if you decide to take a day off and eat your favorite foods! i.e enjoy your cheat days!

Remember, it is totally safe to eat meat no matter what you heard in the past or will hear in the future. Organic, grass-fed is obviously the best meat but do your best based on your budget and availability.  

Many people will continue to tell you that meat is bad for you but simply ask them for the scientific evidence that supports their statement. Anyone trying to find this evidence will only ever come up with survey-type polls. If you do ever find legitimate, experimental, scientific proof, please let us know and we will tell the world.

This is a great opportunity to try this yourself and be your own judge!

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It’s all about feeding, strengthening, and supporting your organs to reverse engineer your lactic acidosis and stop it from killing your cells and flip over to the most important fuel, ketones. 

However, there is a point of no-return though so start now to get your health back. Don’t wait until after you have severe lactic acidosis such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart problem. 

Lactic acidosis is a temporary state that your body goes through during exercise OR during a bad diet. This means lactic acidosis is occurring during a short period of time but it needs to stop with a healthier diet. It’s originally designed by Mother Nature almost as a buffer under certain circumstances but then you are supposed to come out of it. The danger is when you are in it all the time.

An analogy would be the caveman – a state of stress activates adrenaline and all hormones to create a sudden boost of energy that allows him to escape and save his life – for example – running away from a bear. Once the bear is gone, the stress is gone, too. And everything goes back to normal. 

Unfortunately with our current lifestyles, we end up being stressed for extensive periods of time, sometimes years, and this puts our bodies under a huge strain and we start to break down because stress is only meant to be a temporary state.

This is very similar to lactic acidosis – it’s perfectly fine for short periods of time – for example – exercise – but is dangerous for our bodies if experienced for a long period of time or high amounts in a short period of time.

Therefore, to help your body to naturally clean out lactate the way Mother Nature intended you need to “Follow The Physiology Formula”.

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