Restore Your Health From Chronic Disease

by Follow The Physiology

Excess Lactate In The Body Means Chronic Disease

Learn how to restore your health from chronic diseases. I discovered that having excess lactate in the body is called lactic acidosis and is a sign of chronic illness, the overuse of sugar as fuel, the lack of ketosis (fat burning), dirty blood, hypoxia, loss of energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction (the inability to make energy), inability to utilize oxygen, toxic mold in the body, and liver dysfunction. 

High lactate indicates the mechanism of chronic disease is occurring which is called lactic acid cycle also known as cachexia. Cachexia is from the Greek meaning “bad habits” (1) and it is a positive risk factor for death. (2) What are the bad habits that cause cachexia and death? A bad diet high in grains and sugar. In 1932, all doctors and students of medicine knew of this problem, although it was not yet fully explained until a few years later. They knew there was lactate present in high amounts in the blood and an acidic environment. They also were discovering other chemicals involved; not just lactate. 

diabetes is chronic



What the doctors back then were missing was the CAUSES of chronic disease but they talked about the mechanism. What doctors today are missing is the mechanism because they are just talking about the causes. Now we can put both together which allows us to treat the causes AND the mechanism. I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. Remember, it is a mechanism, not usually a cause.

The benefit of knowing about lactic acidosis is so you have a complete procedure to handle your chronic health problems. Without addressing the mechanism of chronic disease, chances are less that you will make a full recovery. 

One of the main therapies for lactic acidosis as described 85 years ago is meat and liver. Especially liver, because it has lots of B vitamins. The B vitamins in liver help clean up the blood, and eating the liver organ itself provides cell parts to repair your liver. Your liver cleans 85% of the lactate out of the blood! Meat is important to help the body quit using sugar as a fuel. Excess sugar usage is a cause of lactic acidosis. 

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Solving Lactic Acidosis

Our paleolithic ancestors ate the whole animal including organs. These organ foods nourished their organs to keep them healthy. In the 1930s the doctors knew that all the organs, working together, had a detoxifying effect to clean the blood. That’s why it’s important to consume multiple glands from nose to tail, whether it’s on your dinner plate or in a supplement.

Now that you know the background of lactic acidosis, realize it has been missing in healthcare since 1961. Once I figured it out, everything in healthcare made sense. I had been in natural healthcare for 19 years at the time I discovered it. Afterwards, all the bits and pieces related to health and disease fell into place. Everything!

Applying the correct treatments increased my results tremendously and within months, I had a 6 week waiting list of patients who wanted my care and the interest has only increased as more and more people seek help and education online rather than just taking “the next pill”.  

So you need to realize that if you are creating lactic acidosis within your own body or have been for many years; you need to stop – now.

What Labs Have You Had Done?

Lab results showing high insulin

In regular medicine, there is a pattern of lab tests that appear throughout a person’s lifetime.

The first positive lab test that is high is insulin. A great researcher named Dr. Kraft discovered that 90% of 19-year-olds had high insulin due to their high carb and sugar diet and it only gets worse as we age. (3)

Later in life, the next medical tests that are abnormal are high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Then the typical response to this is to be prescribed medication as a bandaid – not a cure. These drugs do not fix the underlying Cause nor Mechanism.

Then again later in life, the lab tests show the liver and kidneys are malfunctioning. Now we have a disease process continuing that should have been prevented many years earlier. Once again more medication is prescribed to avoid critical life threatening effects.  

Then finally the last lab test that MD’s will find is high lactate – which is evidence that the body has been suffering from sub-clinical lactic acidosis over a long period of time.

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Although the lactic acid cycle has been occurring for many years or even decades, it doesn’t mean that the lactate blood test will be high because the body compensates to keep it down earlier in life.

Also, the body does its best to prevent the blood from becoming too acidic- so the official diagnosis of lactic acidosis does not apply to most people until the very end of their life. 

Knowledge is Power

But the lactic acid cycle, once understood, helps you understand the mechanism of how your health degenerates. And it helps you understand that the best way to restore your health and keep your health up is with lifestyle choices, natural remedies from food and supplements, and exercise. 

Couple happy to get their health back

When you think about your health in terms of preventing lactic acidosis, the death cycle, it is more holistic and more encompassing of all options to get your health back.

Compare this to only trying to “control your blood pressure” which is short-sighted, a temporary band-aid. Or compare it to only controlling your blood glucose with drugs. Or even getting rid of chronic pain with a pain killing drug.

The lactic acid cycle explains the symptoms of most chronic illnesses. I have linked about 150 symptoms and conditions to it. This highlights that there can be multiple symptoms within your body that are in relation to one commonality – lactic acidosis.

For example, if someone comes to me with multiple symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness I can quickly determine through history, diet, lab work, and other testing which of their symptoms were caused by Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens.

It commonly becomes highlighted that Lactic acidosis is the Mechanism. 

I can start to address each step and begin the cycle of reverse engineering their condition.


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