Resolving chronic illness doesn’t need to be complicated.

What causes chronic illness? The single most common mechanism of chronic illness was widely known from the 1920s through the 1950s. It was forgotten or squashed around 1961.

That mechanism is a nutritional deficiency or toxicity of the liver causing “lactic acidosis.” The main cause is eating excessive amounts of carbohydrate foods, including sugar, that is deficient in all 50 to 100 B vitamins.

Lactic Acidosis is an increase in the waste products of sugar digestion relative to oxygen in the blood.

These waste products make arteries and capillaries dilate. Now the capillaries have an excess amount of waste, a deficiency of oxygen, and slowness of circulation. This capillary engorgement of toxic, hypoxic blood causes the cells in that area to die. Cell death leads to organ death which creates a classic pattern of symptoms depending on which organ. Don’t be fooled into treating these symptoms; you must treat the cause and the mechanism

LA-image-blogAll chronic disease is, is a gradient level of lactic acidosis.

You can have a small amount in a localized area. In the end, an extreme amount puts you in the hospital. Disease names and drugs are given to treat the symptoms, as the progression of this mechanism continues.

Other wastes that crowd out oxygen in the blood are mold, chemicals, and metal toxins. The mechanism described above remains the same. Conventional medicine ignores these and all of their natural solutions.

I discovered this mechanism from old medical books and nutrition articles to resolve my toxic black mold exposure. If you need chronic illness help and would like to see if our services are for you, take the first step and see what Nutrition Counseling is HERE.

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Dr. Darren Schmidt

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