Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Body

by Follow The Physiology

When it comes to toxins you need to be aware that they are everywhere and in your body. You need to reduce them. Learn how to reduce toxins in your body below.

(1a, 1b, 1c, 1d) Children are born with over 200 chemicals. Our bodies are always fighting them, but our cells can become overwhelmed or dysfunctional. 

This is why we are starting to see so much chronic illness all over the world. Even our food can be considered toxic if we are not careful, especially when you consume processed foods. These foods are full of flavor enhancers, preservatives, refined flour, seed oils, and sugar.


Our houses can also be full of toxins, whether it’s the cleaning products you use, the candles you burn, or the plastic food storage containers in the kitchen.

If you are driving a lot, you will be breathing in a lot of exhaust fumes. Buildings and air conditioning can contribute to bad air. The list is endless and we all need to start making very small changes such as the food we eat and other lifestyle habits.

But the good news is that this can be easily fixed with specific supplements…

It’s important to reduce your toxins. The processes of detoxifying are not well known but they are well-researched and available from different nutritional supplement companies. 

The most basic thing to do is reduce your exposure to toxins. For example, avoiding processed food, toxic cleaning products, body care products, and having clean filtered water. You either remove the toxin from your life or remove yourself from it such as a toxic building. 

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Another detoxifying practice that I do in my clinic very successfully is to take supplements that are well-designed and researched. 

Saunas have also been proven to be very helpful in removing toxins through sweating. Infrared saunas work better than regular heat saunas because they penetrate deeper into the body. (2) 

As your body starts to clean itself of these toxins, all your hormones, enzymes, and biochemical processes of your organs and glands can start to function optimally. When you apply these practices, you start the journey of continual improvement to your health.

What’s Your Defense?

The best defense you can have against these pathogens is maintaining a healthy body so that you make sure your tissues and organs are HEALTHY. 

The job of these organisms is to decompose your non-healthy tissue. The more unhealthy tissue you have, the greater the chances of having organisms inside your body causing harm. (3)

These organisms take over weakened tissue or they create more dead tissue by releasing poisons. These poisons affect the function of your circulatory system negatively which leads to cell starvation and death. The official terms to describe the malfunctioning circulation are Congestion and Hyperemia. Congestion is from the blood flow being too slow causing capillary engorgement. Hyperemia is when the blood flow is too fast. Whether you get hyperemia or congestion, cells cannot get nutrients or eliminate wastes. (4) More on this later. 


So the best way to defend yourself from this happening to your body is to reduce the intake of excess sugars and seed oils. These foods are the primary destructive foods in our modern diet. Grains and fruits are high in sugar and carbohydrates which feed these organisms, so avoid them. Also, avoid dairy because it is mucousy and helps the pathogens to thrive. Instead, keep your diet simple to meat and vegetables.

A simple way to reduce your exposure to these organisms is by washing your hands and walking away from people who are coughing or sneezing. Killing such pathogens is possible with herbs such as oregano for bacteria, wormwood for parasites, and Lysine for viruses. These are all readily available at your local health food store or online. It is fine to take anti-microbial herbs on a regular basis because your healthy cells love these herbs while the bad cells do not.

The good news is that you do have control over these pathogens. It is not “fate” or “bad luck” that controls your destiny regarding infections.

The puzzle to solving your health problems includes determining if you have these pathogens living in your body and if so, what symptoms are they causing. 

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Standard Approach To Addressing Your Health

When I first approach a patient’s healthcare, I have to incorporate these factors into puzzle solving. This means I need to address – toxicity, pathogens, and diet. We determine which one is the most important and start addressing it. It can also be that all of these need to be tackled at the same time.

Part of getting your health back and moving towards optimal health means you need to address these pathogens over a period of time. You can use effective, inexpensive supplements and herbs overtime to stop the continual onslaught of Mother Nature’s “decomposers” on your body and to stop them from turning your body into soil. 

So when I say herbs, I’m referring to the chemicals that are within these herbs. 

These plant chemicals are also called “secondary metabolites” and are extracted en masse from a plant. (5) 

These chemicals are Mother Nature’s medicine chest!


If you think about a plant – it has no defense at all – it’s just stuck in the ground and is completely vulnerable. Therefore Mother Nature has gifted these herbs with unique defense chemicals aka secondary metabolites. Other secondary metabolites include chemicals to attract pollinators with aromas or chemicals that create color. (6)

Our ancestors discovered that these chemicals helped them to feel better – fast-forwarding to today – we can now use these exact same herbs and their defense chemicals to fight against fungi and other pathogens.

Therefore helping you to feel great daily as a result of wiping out the organisms that reside inside your body. Whatever symptoms those organisms are causing will go away when the bugs are gone. 


Your diet is the most fundamental basis of your health and it is something that you have to do anyways, we all need to eat food. But by avoiding seed oils, added sugar, and processed flour, you will be off to a great start. 

Our ancestors’ diet can’t be ignored and has to have some sort of influence over how you approach your food today. When you look at a plate of food that contains meat, vegetables, salad, and starch the volume of food is primarily plants by quantity but the greatest quantity of calories is still the meat. That’s our ancestral diet- it is calorie-dense with meat. It keeps you satisfied for a long time, keeps you warm, and provides endurance. Focus on the meat and the rest of the food should be lower in carbs.

If you have been exposed to too many toxins and pathogens and you’ve been eating high carb foods, you are setting yourself up for lactic acidosis. Since the 1920’s it has been known to be the most common mechanism of chronic disease. (7) Up until the 1970s, doctors were taught to assume all their chronically ill patients had it.

The Follow The Physiology Formula helps you to reverse engineer lactic acidosis so you can take back control of your health. 

Achieving optimal health doesn’t have to be complicated and by focusing on some simple key points, it is easy to achieve amazing results. 

If your diet is all natural foods such as meat and vegetables and a little fruit and you are not feeling better and better over time, then remember you still have other factors to contend with – pathogens, toxicity, the mechanism of chronic disease, and organ dysfunction. 

The journey of reverse engineering the disease cycle includes entering into the state of Ketosis which helps your body to naturally burn fat that you’ve been storing. Ketosis then becomes the foundation of the required detoxification that your body needs. It helps to feed your hormones and brain which ultimately makes you happier. 

Moving over to a low-carb diet starts the process of helping your body to fight against and eliminate these harmful organisms. By consuming higher amounts of protein your body maintains its structure and function- you don’t lose your brainpower, muscular strength, and bones (osteoporosis). Nutritional and herbal supplements are supplemental to your good diet and are important for killing organisms and detoxification. Contact us to learn more about how to reduce toxins from the body naturally.

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