Welcome to the Mold Toxicity Quiz.

Are you experiencing bloating, body rashes, brain fog, chest tightness, excessive fatigue, scent sensitivity, shortness of breath, sinus infections? The you may be experiencing symptoms of mold toxicity.

Most people don’t know they are exposed to toxic mold. Mold illness results from mold
growing indoors and producing toxins, such as mycotoxins, which can be harmful to the body.

Take the quiz to find out if this is the root cause of your symptoms.


Are you ever achy all over?

Do you feel worse when you enter certain buildings (home, office, school)?

Do you have a blocked, runny, or stuffy nose, and/or experience nosebleeds?

Do you have a cough, headaches, or nausea when exposed to various chemicals?

Do you have diculty recalling the names of people/things you know or have trouble taking in new information?

Do you have diculty sleeping? Or do you wake up during the night with shortness of breath and/or a coughing attack?

Do you have shortness of breath when you’re not doing anything strenuous?

Do your symptoms decrease when spending time in a different location for at least a few days?

Have you ever experienced water damage at home, school, or work? Are there any wet spots in your home (current or past) or is your basement ever wet?

Have you seen mold growing at home, school, or work? Do any of these places have a damp or mildewy odor?

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