Protect Yourself From Viruses

Supplements that help support your lung, immune system and body health from viruses…

Learn how to protect yourself from viruses with the NHCAA. Over the decades many herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients have been discovered to kill the family of viruses called the coronavirus and other “enveloped” viruses like the flu viruses.

This has been documented in the medical research and can be found on to see thousands of official documents on herbs.

To save you the time and effort, I have created a series of videos that explain in detail what supplements can give you the best possible protection against these nasty organisms. 

Start taking these today as a supplement to your good diet and give yourself the best protection mother nature can offer.

Click below to learn more about how to protect yourself from viruses with these 24 immunity supplements that have an effect on viruses and supports your lungs.

Here Is a Sneak Peek of What You Get

Learn from Dr Schmidt who has researched and applied these same supplements for 1000’s of patients…

SUPPLEMENTS are hailed by many to be an easy way to get all the vitamins you need without having to think too much about which foods contain which vitamins. But do supplements actually work and can they help the body to fight nasty viruses? Yes, and I have listed 24 of my top favorite supplements for viruses

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The 24 Best Supplements to Strengthen Your Immune System Right Now…

Your immune system consists of a complex collection of cells, processes, and chemicals that constantly defends your body against invading pathogens, including viruses, toxins, and bacteria. 

Keeping your immune system healthy year round is key to preventing illness and disease. Making healthy lifestyle choices by consuming nutritious foods, achieving Ketosis and regular exercise are the most important ways to turn your immune system into a freight train.

However, note that some supplements can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medications you’re taking. Some may not be appropriate for people with certain health conditions. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before starting any supplements.

From supplements to exercise to nutrition, there are lots of natural ways to make sure you’re fighting fit…

While diet is the key to getting the best vitamins and minerals, immunity supplements can help. For instance, if you’re doing your best to eat healthy foods but still are deficient in some areas, supplements can help. The key is to ensure they’re taken in addition to healthy diet choices and nutrient-dense foods. They’re supplements, not replacements. Your immune system is a complex network of cells that are constantly working to protect you from harmful microbes and toxins. It needs a whole host of nutrients from foods and chemicals from plants in order to do that effectively. Even though we can get a lot from food, we often need to supplement for lots of reasons, including poor diets, poor gut health, stress, medications, climate, etc.

Here Is a Sneak Peek of What You Get

I’ve created 24 separate videos just for you.

You’ll learn more about these 24 Supplements that have an effect on viruses and supports your lungs and body.

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Evening Primrose Oil

Zinc Liver Chelate

St Johns Wort

HP Enzymes

Astragulus & Licorice




VitC (CamuCamu)

Wormwood & Artemisinin


Core Sambucas


Lymphatic Support

Pulmonest Lung Support

Bio Molecular Oxygen


ACS Silver

Echinacea Premium


Myrrh Forte



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Rest assured that you are getting the best advice out there.

This specific list of immunity supplements has taken me many years to collate and only my personal patients get to take advantage of my advice. I have prescribed these same 24 supplements to thousands of my patients and the results have been life changing. I decided to just charge a very small amount for this course, so that you can take advantage of my knowledge and start protecting your immune system – Starting Today!

Protect Yourself From Viruses


24 x Videos

24 x Life Changing Supplements

These 24 Supplements are for you IF:

You want to make your immune system strong like a freight train.

You chose not to get the flu shot and you are looking for healthy options.

You are conscious about having a healthy diet.

You get flu-like symptoms too often and you’re tired of it.

You want to use your sick days as a nice vacation rather than actually being sick in bed.

They are (Probably) not for you if:

You are a big fan of pharma drugs and therefore believe that “supplements don’t work”.

Your diet is bad and will never, ever get better.

You believe that a lab researcher in a white coat is smarter than Mother Nature.

You are not interested in learning new things

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