7 Step Blueprint To Optimal health Online Monthly Membership

$147.00 / month


The 7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health Online MONTHLY Membership Helps You Achieve Optimal Health Via LIVE Webinar Coaching

STEP 1: Foundational Foods = Helping your body use food to generate power and stop storing fat

STEP 2: Energy = Using supplements to take your cell energy to the next level

STEP 3: Drainage = Eliminating the final barriers to optimize your blood and organ health so you have the optimal foundation for eliminating parasites and toxins

STEP 4: Intestines and Immune Cleansing = We live on planet earth which means we have parasites in our bodies. It’s time to eliminate them from your intestines

STEP 5: Full Body Immune Cleansing = Now we move on to eliminating parasites from your entire body

STEP 6: Powerful Detoxification = Only NOW that you have eliminated parasites your body is in a state that will allow you to eliminate toxins and heavy metals

STEP 7: Cellular Immune Cleansing = Eliminate the final toxins and heavy metals to allow your body to return back to its natural optimal health


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