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How many times have you heard someone say that!

Every joint in the body has muscles that cross the joints that (hopefully) are balanced enough to keep them aligned. There are 650 muscles that move 200 bones and hold these bones in their proper alignment. By “proper alignment” I mean they are aligned in such a way that the ends of the bones, i.e., the joints, fit perfectly together.

What happens if they’re not lined up the way your genes dictate that they should be aligned? These misalignments cause pain because they have become inflamed! “Arthros” is a Greek word that means “joint” and “-itis” is a suffix that means “inflammation of”. In other words…

You have arthritis in your knees!

Do your joints need long-term support in the form of tape, straps, and harnesses? Do your joints need anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid shots to dull the pain you are experiencing? Though helpful, these are all short-term fixes to a problem that requires specific treatments. And if left this way, with no muscle balancing done for your knees, you may eventually need your knee replaced! What you need is natural knee pain relief.

Hi! My name is Dr. Joel Vickers. I specialize in Applied Kinesiology, which means…I turn muscles on that have been weakened through trauma! Jolts, jars, falls, and accidents of all kinds can overstretch and turn these muscles off. There are twenty therapeutic kinesiology techniques for chronic pain I can use to turn on and balance these muscles that have been turned off. Once properly turned on, they should stay turned on for life…or until you traumatize and weaken the muscles again, in which case you will need to come in and get them turned on again.

If you’d like to learn more about kinesiology for knee pain, call the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor at (734) 302-7575 and let me help your knees function the way you need them to function!

Dr. Joel Vickers