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Learning about the keto diet is easy with The NHCAA. What is a ketosis diet? The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to get your body to burn fat as fuel (instead of sugar) which is called ketosis. 

Ketones are chemicals the body makes from fat that are dissolvable in water. When your cells and making ketones and using them as fuel, that means your body is fat-adapted and there are many, many benefits to this which we will go over soon and you’ll learn in-depth during our ketosis diet course.

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7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 1 and Pillar 3


It’s pointless trying to achieve optimal health without Eliminating Initial Barriers and Toxins

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - 3 Pillars

Discover the remaining steps to achieving your OPTIMAL HEALTH

7 step blueprint to optimal health - Barriers and Toxins Webinar

The ‘Eliminate Your Initial Barriers and Toxins’ Webinar

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This webinar provides detail on:

  Step 1Foundational Foods = Discover why diets don’t work and what does work.

   Step 2Energy = It’s pointless doing anything until you have increased your cell energy, find out why.

   Step 3 = Drainage = Now your body can start to self-heal, just as mother nature intended.

   Step 6Powerful Detoxification = This is where weird smells start to come out of your body.

   Step 7 = Cellular Immune Cleansing = Eliminate the organisms that live in your cells.