Does your Doctor keep up with the latest discoveries in healing? Here are 7 topics to discuss on your next visit

Attention all chronic health sufferers!

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Are you struggling with chronic health problems that just won’t go away? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, I’ve treated more than 60,000 patients who have experienced similar symptoms, and I’ve made a discovery that could change your life.

Through years of experience, I’ve found that chronic fatigue and other health issues can be caused by one of two things: unlucky exposures and poor lifestyle choices. Whether it’s mold, parasites, chemical toxins, or a poor diet and lack of exercise, the root cause of your symptoms could be lurking in one of these two categories.

The good news is, once you know the cause of your symptoms, you can take action to overcome them. That’s why it’s crucial to discuss these topics with your doctor. By working together, you can identify the underlying cause of your chronic health issues and start taking steps to improve your overall health.

Don’t wait any longer to start feeling better. Take control of your health today by scheduling a consultation with your doctor and discussing the possible causes of your chronic symptoms. I have created a 7 Step program that covers the topics you can discuss with your Doctor. Watch my 2 short walkthrough videos and take notes. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can start living your best life, free from the burden of chronic fatigue and other health problems.

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You need to unblock your body before it can heal itself…

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Discover how symptoms can be related to Parasites or Toxins…


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Introducing the “7 Step Blueprint to Optimal Health” – a proven system that has already helped over 60,000 patients in the last 5 years to achieve their health goals and live their best lives. And now, as a special bonus, we’re offering you free resources to help you continue your learning and take your personal journey toward optimal health.

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7 step blueprint to optimal health - Parasite and Toxins Webinar

You can call us and we will discuss these topics with you – (734) 562-6057

7 step blueprint to optimal health - Parasite and Toxins Webinar

Call my practice at (734) 562-6057 and ask for information on the 7-Step Blueprint To Optimal Health program. My staff are waiting for your call and ready to answer your questions.



The “Follow The Physiology Formula” was discovered by the Founders of Medicine in the 1930’s.

Are you ready to uncover the secret to optimal health that’s been lost for over 60 years? Look no further than “The Lactic Acidosis Solution” – the groundbreaking book that reveals the true meaning behind this forgotten concept.

You see, back in the early days of medicine, the Founders discovered that Lactic Acidosis was the most common mechanism of chronic disease. But unfortunately, the textbooks and articles that explained this concept were lost by 1961, leaving modern medicine in the dark about this crucial discovery.

That’s where “The Lactic Acidosis Solution” comes in. Using the latest research and insights, this book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the true meaning of Lactic Acidosis and how it impacts your health. From identifying the root causes of chronic disease to providing practical solutions for optimal health, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their well-being.

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“Healthcare the Way Mother Nature Intended”

Are you curious about nutritional healing and how it can transform your life? Look no further than our comprehensive eBook – the ultimate guide to understanding what we do and why it works.

In this eBook, you’ll meet our expert team and learn about the transformative journey our patients undergo when they work with us. You’ll also discover the secrets behind our proven 7 Step Blueprint Formula – the same formula that has helped countless patients achieve life-changing results and reclaim their health.

Whether you’re struggling with chronic illness, seeking to improve your overall well-being, or simply curious about the power of nutritional healing, this eBook is a must-read. With clear, concise explanations and practical insights, it’s the perfect introduction to our world-class approach to healthcare.

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Are you ready to break free from the cycle of chronic disease that’s been holding you back? Look no further than “Breaking the Cycle: How Organisms in Your Head Could be the Root Cause of Chronic Disease” – the groundbreaking book that reveals the secrets to optimal health.

Through cutting-edge research and expert insights, this book will show you how to break the cycle of disease dropping from your head into your body. You’ll discover the true source of chronic illness and how to address it at its core, rather than simply treating symptoms.

With practical solutions and easy-to-follow advice, “Breaking the Cycle” is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to achieve optimal wellness and live their best life. So don’t wait any longer – order your copy today and discover the power of breaking the cycle for yourself. Your health and happiness are worth it.

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Are you tired of struggling with chronic health issues that seem to have no solution? Look no further than my revolutionary approach to addressing health problems from the outside in. With my simple-to-follow process, you’ll learn how to treat teeth, gums, tonsils, nasal cavities, and ears – stopping harmful organisms from entering your body and allowing your body to complete its natural healing process.

By focusing on the outside of your body, we can help you achieve optimal health faster than ever before. You’ll discover the secrets behind how immune problems above your collar can seep into your body and contribute to causing disease. And with my proven techniques and practical solutions, you’ll be able to take control of your health and start feeling better in no time.

Don’t let chronic health issues hold you back any longer. Order my book today and discover the power of addressing health problems from the outside in. With my guidance and expertise, you can unlock your body’s full potential and achieve optimal health like never before.

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Learn from Dr Schmidt who has researched and applied Ketosis for 1000’s of patients…

Learning about the keto diet is easy with The NHCAA. What is a ketosis diet? The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to get your body to burn fat as fuel (instead of sugar) which is called ketosis. 

Ketones are chemicals the body makes from fat that are dissolvable in water. When your cells and making ketones and using them as fuel, that means your body is fat-adapted and there are many, many benefits to this which we will go over soon and you’ll learn in-depth during our ketosis diet course.

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Discover if you have radioactive elements in your body!

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7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Master Webinar

This Is How You Achieve Optimal Health

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Over 60,000 people have done these steps to stop their chronic illness symptoms and just have the life they deserve:

STEP 1: Foundational Foods = Helping your body use food to generate power and stop storing fat

STEP 2: Energy = Using supplements to take your cell energy to the next level

STEP 3: Drainage = Eliminating the final barriers to optimize your blood and organ health so you have the optimal foundation for eliminating parasites and toxins

 Step 4 = Intestines and Immune Cleansing = The first act of cleansing starts with the gut.

   Step 5 = Full Body Immune Cleansing = Organisms from your head to toe are targeted.

   Step 6 = Powerful Detoxification = Here is where weird smells may come out of your body.

   Step 7 = Cellular Immune Cleansing = Some organisms live in your cells and cause chronic symptoms – not any more!