This article isn’t pretty. It is actually a pretty gross topic. But, parasites are a major cause of health problems worth addressing.


In the holistic nutrition world we have known and talked about parasites for many years. Every once in a while a story will surface in the mainstream that will get some attention. This was on the Today Show in 2020 – “Woman’s grapefruit-size ‘liver cancer’ tumor was actually a parasite”

Parasites can deplete you of nutrients your cells need to function, leading to many problems in your body. This can cause a variety of symptoms: floaters in your vision, jaw clenching and tightness, teeth grinding, and sinus and lung problems. Other common concerns we see with parasites are bed wetting in kids, itchy anal area, mucous in stool, and digestive problems (upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation). Also, dizziness, crawling sensations in the body, anemia, headaches, depression, anxiety, low energy, sugar cravings, and skin problems can be linked to parasites. Symptoms of parasites can often increase around the full moon. There have also been links to chronic disease such as cancer (1).

We can be exposed to parasites from pets, walking in sand and dirt, swimming in lakes, streams, oceans, and pools, eating food, human contact (kids frequently pass them in pre-school), and bug bites.

There are no age limits to who can get parasites and no geographical boundaries to where parasites live. They are more prevalent in some areas than others. But, they are everywhere.


In the medical world testing for parasites could be a stool sample or blood test. But, these don’t find all types of parasitic infections (2). In our office we use muscle testing to determine if parasites could be part of your problem. We find that gut health is so important, most people would do well with some sort of parasite detox.

Some solutions to addressing this immune challenge are keeping your digestive system healthy with adequate stomach acid and well functioning bowels. You need a strong immune system that can detect and fight off parasites.  Wash your hands properly and maintain a good diet that limits refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Foods that are anti-parasitic include pomegranates, psyllium husks, pumpkin seeds, figs, papaya, flax seeds, beets, pineapple, onions, kelp, and cabbage. Herbs that can be used for immune system health and parasites in particular are: Garlic, Wormwood/Artemisia, Oregano, and Black Walnut.

Cleaning tips to prevent pathogens: use Tea Tree, Oregano, Thieves (Young Living) or OnGuard (Doterra) Oils. Wash your fruits and veggies in Lemon Oil. And, wash bedding, towels, and underwear in hot water and dry at high heat.

A jumpstart to detoxing parasites is coming to our office. We will be offering a Parasite Detox using CellCore Products; most people benefit from periodic parasite cleansing.

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Sincerely yours in health,

Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science


Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science Bio