Parasite Solutions

If you know you have parasites, there are several natural parasite treatments available. This is a quick review of 7 of the most popular homemade parasite solutions on the internet…

Oregano. This herb will kill many types of bugs including parasites. We see that it works for greater than 50% of people with parasites.parasite-solution-blog-oragano

Grapefruit or grape seed extract. This is a potent antimicrobial. We love the brand we carry because it smells like vanilla cake batter. Yum! However, it also works for less than 10% of the people with parasites.

Enzymes. You can try enzymes alone or mixed together. The enzymes can be in a tablet or a capsule and they can come from pineapples, dates, figs or from animals products. Enzymes kill parasites for about 20-30% of the people who take them.

Pumpkin seeds. The husks of pumpkin seeds cut parasites that cling to intestinal walls or entomb themselves in mucus on the inside wall. The fiber then pushes them out. At least this is what many websites say, although we have never seen this actually work. There is no harm in doing it, though.

Garlic. I have never seen anybody get rid of parasites taking garlic. We sometimes use garlic to support the real parasite killers in the next paragraph.

Herbs. The most popular herbs on the Internet to kill parasites are black walnut hull and wormwood. Wormwood works more than 50% of the time. Black walnut hull works more than 30% of the time. BUT, we have seen the best results when these herbs are combined with other effective herbs and enzymes.

There are many combination products on the market. We carry 9 of them.

But which is right for you?

Only muscle-testing can find out. If you don’t use muscle-testing then you are guessing. Guessing may be good enough for some people but most aren’t satisfied with that and we certainly aren’t. Most people want solutions and they haven’t found them yet. Here’s an example…

I met a man who guessed for 25 years on how to fix his fatigue. He even bought a health food store because he was so knowledgeable about possible solutions. Finally, he was tested by someone using Nutrition Response Testing. They found the real cause and in three months…. his fatigue was gone.

Another point about natural parasite treatments – do you need to take the supplements continuously or cycle them?

Some human parasite treatment plans are 10 days on and then 5 days off. A book or a website will give you answers but are the answers right for you? Those authors have never met you and they have not done any definitive tests on you.

A final point when dealing with parasites whether you visit us, use a home remedy, store-bought or see another practitioner for help. There is a phenomena called “drainage”. After you’ve done something to kill the parasites where do they go? You don’t want dead parasites just sitting in your body.

They need to be drained out ALWAYS!

Any parasite killing program must include some product for drainage at the same time they are dying.
Hopefully, this article sheds light on the plethora of products, holistic parasite treatments, and information you can find on parasites. There’s more information available to help you on your quest for optimum health today than ever before. The problem is sifting through all of it to find the truth, and most importantly, what actually works.

After 20 years of clinical experience with the products and patients, we know what works and what doesn’t.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions about holistic parasite treatments, and want to definitively and effectively handle parasites, or find out if that is even the cause of your health challenge, come in to see us.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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