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There are many common causes of back pain, but muscle weakness, due to trauma is by far the primary cause of low back pain.

Think back on your life and try to remember all the jolts, jars, falls and accidents you’ve experienced, not just as an adult but also as a child. Most of the time there is no damage to your muscles; you got back up and went about your business with only temporary soreness.

But then there were other times when you hit hard… really hard! You knew something was injured although you may not have understood just how the injury occurred. When you were a child, your parent or caretaker might have “kissed your boo-boo.” Once your crying stopped everything seemed “all better:” Maybe when you were a young adult or an adult, or even an athlete, then out of sheer pride or determination you kept on going and didn’t want to stop. After a while, maybe days or weeks or months later, the pain slowly went away, and you assumed it was “all better.” But, was it…really?

As soon as a muscle is turned off from trauma, the body attempts to adapt biomechanically to what has happened to keep you from feeling pain.

This doesn’t mean that the problem is corrected; it means that your body attempted to make you feel better while it quietly goes into a distortion pattern. Millions of people are walking around with these postural misalignments and don’t even know it! And these misalignments affect the spine, which in turn affects the spinal nerves that feed other muscles, bones, sections of your skin, and, of course, your organs. (Nutrition Response Testing patients take note!)

My name is Dr. Joel Vickers, and as a trained Applied Kinesiologist I can see (with posture analysis) test (by manual muscle testing) and correct (through Applied Kinesiology muscle balancing techniques) postural distortions caused by muscles that are turned off and are no longer pulling their own weight. If you want natural back pain relief, call the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor at (734) 302-7575, and I will help you get out of pain and…get back the strength you once had with natural back pain solutions.

Yours in health,

Dr. Joel Vickers