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Motrin, aka ibuprofen or Advil; is a medicine cabinet go-to for pain and fever for a great deal of Americans. Concerns are surfacing about the safety of taking Motrin with Coronavirus (COVID-19). This concern can leave people who are sick or in pain wondering where to turn.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is advising against the administration of Motrin or other NSAIDs and steroids with COVID-19. This recommendation is based upon a theory that the mechanism of action of these medications could potentiate COVID-19. Motrin can increase angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). According to a letter published in The Lancet, “Human pathogenic coronaviruses (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus [SARS-CoV] and SARS-CoV-2) bind to their target cells through angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), which is expressed by epithelial cells of the lung, intestine, kidney, and blood vessels.” The letter goes on to say “We, therefore, hypothesize that diabetes and hypertension treatment with ACE2-stimulating drugs increases the risk of developing severe and fatal COVID-19.” (1)

Many media outlets and so-called U.S. health experts are counter recommending the WHO and making comments like “There is no good reason to avoid Motrin.” The argument against avoiding Motrin is that there’s not any scientific data backing this recommendation. (2)

I would counter that this strain of Coronavirus is too new for there to be such research conducted. What is scientifically documented about NSAIDs is that they can cause significant stress to the kidneys and cardiovascular system. What we do know about steroids is that they suppress the immune system. Since COVID-19 has proven to be highly infectious and in many causes organ damage, it stands to good reason that NSAIDs and steroids are not good choices in the face of this type of infection. Why risk it?

Favorite Supplements To Reduce Fever And Pain

What are people to do when COVID-19 causes individuals to spike high fevers and so many individuals are treating pain with NSAIDs? I have compiled a list of my favorite supplements that I recommend to naturally help reduce fever and pain.

  • Inflamma-Tone from Energetix
  • Calcium Lactate from Standard Process
  • Boswellia Complex from Mediherb or Boswelliazyme from Energetix
  • Turmeric Forte from Mediherb (or other good quality Turmeric)

*If on medication, only use Inflamma-Tone and Calcium Lactate

Inflamma-Tone is a homeopathic supplement that is intended for fever, chills, redness, swelling, swollen glands, headaches, coughs, uncomfortable urination, and painful or stiff joints. This product has a pleasant taste and is safe and easy to administer to children. I have had great results in easing discomforts of fever and acute pain with this product.

Calcium Lactate is a highly soluble (which translates to well absorbed) form of calcium with a small amount of magnesium as well. Calcium in this form is great immune support and in higher doses can help with reducing fever and the aches and pains that accompany it.

Boswellia is a beautiful anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (fever), antioxidant, and joint support herb.  The formulation of Boswellia Complex by Standard Process also contains other great anti-inflammatory herbs. The other constituents are celery seed extract, ginger, and turmeric.  BoswelliaZyme by Energetix is designed to support normal immune response in the body. This formulation contains Boswellia and proteolytic enzymes, serrapeptase and pancreatin extract. The enzymes can also be helpful in combating a viral challenge. This formulation is phenomenal for joints health and inflammation, as well as great immune support. (3)

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Asian traditional medicine for a huge spectrum of maladies. There are bodies of research that support Turmeric as an effective anti-inflammatory agent as well as an anti-infective. Turmeric has actually been shown to be a powerful antiviral. The biggest limitation of Turmeric is that in many formulations it is poorly bioavailable. Turmeric Forte by Mediherb is formulated with fenugreek to create a high level of bioavailability. (4)

When it comes to viruses, conventional medicine has nothing to offer. Most anti-viral medications have underwhelming results with handling viral challenges and also come packaged with a long list of side effects and potential interactions. Even medical solutions for fever can create issues for your long term health.

The best solutions for resisting COVID-19 are herbs and nutrition! 

Many herbs exhibit strong anti-viral properties and also help with fever and the discomforts that accompany it. Why risk Motrin or other chemicals? Nature has the best solutions.

As a Doctor of Pharmacy and an expert in nutrition and supplementation, I can say with confidence that here at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, we can help. Whether you are sick or focusing on prevention, we can design a tailored plan for your health.

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Your Holistic Pharmacist,
Dr. Amanda

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