NHCAA Testimonials


I started my treatment protocol with Dr. Bensaid 7 weeks ago. The difference in my health has been life-changing.

I was a vegetarian for pretty much my whole life and then raw vegan since 2017. I felt like my body was very quickly breaking down and becoming weak and I was losing muscle mass and connective tissue rapidly. Nothing showed up in my Doctor’s blood tests except a lack of vitamin D.

I contacted the NHCAA and had the great pleasure of speaking to Dr Bensaid. She is so in tune with the human body that immediately she was was asking me if I had symptoms that I never even knew I had. We spoke about my diet and I started eating lots of liver and red meat and fats. My strength and stamina and muscular structure slowly started to come back. I felt more sturdy and solid and calmer just from a change of eating. My energy levels went through the roof making my workouts much more intense and longer.

The supplements I was given are only enhancing every aspect of this new eating regime making my body feel the best it’s ever felt. Some ovarian cysts I had are literally dissolving and my body feels less calcified and more fluid. I’m eating less, going into ketosis, and allowing my body to heal through intermittent fasting which is so easy if you eat lots of fat. When I get a carb craving, I eat some fat and now carb cravings are gone.

I have two sometimes one meal a day because the satiation from eating this way doesn’t call for any more food keeping my insulin spikes low which also benefits the healing.

I’m so impressed with the NHCAA and Dr. Schmidt and all of his free youtube content which absolutely works. Dr. Bensaid is a pleasure to work with. She’s intelligent, incredibly learned about the human body, and how it can work optimally and after each conversation, I feel even more enlightened by what she shares with me.

I’m so grateful to be on this healing journey with the incredible team at the NHCAA. Now if you could all move to the UK that would be awesome.

Thanks, everyone.

— S.W.


What was it like before you came in to see us? I was having trouble sleeping; I would wake up 4-6 times per night and couldn’t fall back asleep. I had arthritic pain in my hips and knees, and also often felt constipated and fatigued.

How is it now? I am sleeping well. I can return to sleep easier if I awaken during the night, and am waking up well rested in the morning. Arthritis in my hips and knees is only present
when I overdo strenuous physical activity, my bowels have returned to normal and I have more energy.

How have these improvements changed your life? I am able to return to my active lifestyle and can participate in physical activity without pain.

— C.H.


What was it like before you came in to see us? I had no energy! I felt terrible all the time. I wasn’t sleeping and had extreme anxiety and depression. I was seriously considering going on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. My digestion was horrible and I had been on Armor Thyroid for years!

How is it now? I feel like a different person! I’m sleeping great. My digestion is so much better, I have energy and my anxiety is so much better. I was actually able to go off of all of my thyroid medications- my family doctor even told me to go off of it. I never thought this would happen!

How have these improvements changed your life? I’m no longer just surviving, I’m actually enjoying life! I’m a better wife and mother.

— Leila Goldsworthy


How have these improvements changed your life?
I’m very happy with the results that I have achieved with NHCAA and Kristen’s help. My doctors were really pushing statins onto me. They acted like there were no options for me, but I kept searching for a better solution. It turns out that removing the processed foods and lowering my carb intake was half the battle. Kristen gave me a great program that has “turned back the clock” for me and my numbers good and getting better every day. I would encourage everyone to take control of their own health, but you will need some help too and the NHCAA was the final piece to my puzzle. Thanks for the help.

— Reid Green


What was it like before you came in to see us? Before I came to the Nutritional Healing Center I was having problems with my bowel movements and I was constantly stuffed up + congested. I had to sleep on a certain side to open up my nasal passage so I could breathe better. I also had constant headaches from the congestion.

How is it now? My bowel movements continue to improve and are normal compared to what they were…. I can completely breathe out of both sides of my nose and I am no longer congested. I can’t even remember the last time I had a headache.

How have these improvements changed your life? Being able to breathe out of my nose and not being congested makes me enjoy life better and I seem to have more energy. Waking up feels great now!

— Laura Schimmel


What was it like before you came to see us? I was looking at new options to help me with my rheumatoid arthritis. My hands would get stiff and fingers may swell. I was still eating wrong foods and clenching my teeth.

How is it now? Now I am 20 lbs less than I walked in the center. I eat a protein breakfast also I learned new foods to eat and feel better and foods not to eat. My hands feel improved definitely.

How have these improvements changed your life? Weight management is always good. Have knowledge of foods that are good for you. My hands don’t hurt and no clenching teeth.

— Jodi V. McCoy


What was it like before you came in to see us? I recently had an issue with two large kidney stones in my right kidney. They were too large to pass and the Urologist was telling me that I would need surgery to get rid of them, but I chose to try to dissolve them.

How is it now? Dr. Childress helped with dietary guidance and supplements. She was able to assist me in dissolving my kidney stones. It took all summer to do, but it was worth it. I am so happy to not have to have surgery. Dr. Childress is amazing. I would highly recommend her to my friends, family or anyone seeking help with their health.

How long did this improvement take? It took all summer to do, but it was worth it! I am so happy that I did not have to have surgery. Dr. Childress is amazing, I would highly recommend her to my friends, family or anyone seeking help to improve their health.

— Cheryl Moote


What was it like before you came in to see us? I had symptoms of mono for about two weeks and they were not subsiding. Very tired and feeling very fatigued.

How is it now? I feel so much better like the mono never happened!

How have these improvements changed your life? I just feel better all around. I can go about my daily business without feeling fatigued.

— Sienna Ottenbreit


What was it like before you came in to see us? I was on a specific diet that needed help. I was experiencing dry skin and issues with the liver very hard.

How is it now? Perfect! My skin has improved and my liver is squishy and soft.

How have these improvements changed your life? I ‘ve lost weight, I sleep better, and I am off BP and allergy medication.

— Ann Sullivan


What was it like before came in to see us? I was dealing with a number of health concerns with no clear understanding as to their causes or possible cures.

How is it now? I have a much-cleared understanding as to the conditions which lead to the imbalances in my life and now have the tools needed to recreate balance.

How have these improvements changed your life? Much more hope-filled and positive, C5 symptoms disappear, the results are strong of empowerment.

— Frank Levey


What was it like before you came in to see us? This pertains to Whole30/Primal. Whole 30 is a simplified primal diet. Before Whole30, I was up 30 lbs from where I am now. I was eating a standard American diet. I had fatigue and felt my age of 53.

How is it now? After switching to a Whole 30 diet, I dropped 30 lbs, and I feel 20 years younger. The desire to exercise has returned and fatigue is far less. I cannot imagine eating any other way.
How have these improvements changed your life? They enable me to handle my stressful life in a better, more energetic way.

— Ron Lochocki


What was it like before you came in to see us? Before I found the NHCAA I had night sweats for 10 years (started at age 35)! They had progressed to the point of being nightly and soaking my pillow and sheets. I started having daytime hot flashes, too. All while being told that my hormone levels were nowhere near menopause. I had multiple blood tests done to no avail.

How is it now? The daytime hot flashes are gone. Soaking my pillows and sheets no longer happens. Although I am still “warm” at night, I no longer wake up multiple times due to sweating.

How have these improvements changed your life? I am getting better sleep, I have a clearer mind and I am a happier person. I have had major improvements in the first eight weeks… I shouldn’t have suffered for a decade.

— Amy S.


What was it like before you came in to see us? I struggle with frequent GI irritation and vomiting with tends to zap a lot of my energy and can be embarrassing in social/professional settings. Not to mention it takes its toll on your body over time.

How is it now? After a few weeks of appointments and supplements, I made it a week without any vomiting/ GI bleeding.

How have these improvements changed your life? Have more energy and my body feels happier.

— Chelsea H.