If you are concerned about sweating or body odor it may be time to re-think your choice in antiperspirants.

In order to stop sweating and odor, many people begin to use “clinical strength” antiperspirants. But, these don’t solve the problem and they can actually make it worse.

Almost all these antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum is toxic and putting it directly on the skin creates problems for the body. The aluminum is there to “stop the sweat” and it does this by blocking the pores.  It might seem like this is a good thing but it does not allow the body to detoxify via sweat (which it needs to do). Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer and brain and nervous system problems.

Sweating is a healthy, natural way to detox. When sweat has a bad odor it often is due to chemicals, metals, and toxins that are in the body.

Switching to a more natural deodorant instead of an aluminum-containing antiperspirant is a good step in minimizing your exposure to aluminum. We carry a few aluminum-free deodorants in our office. These are effective at eliminating odor. Or you can make your own! The Healthy Maven Recipe   OR   Wellness Mama Recipe

But what about the sweat, you ask?

Rather than block it, you can absorb it by using a metal-free deodorant in combination with talc-free powder.

You can research many safe alternatives on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website. They have a huge database that shows you how safe thousands of cosmetics and personal care products really are.

Interestingly enough we have discovered that when you are on a nutritional program and detoxifying naturally, you often sweat less and when you do it has little or no odor. Another great side effect of “Healthcare the way Mother Nature intended!”

See you soon.

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