Mucus, chest congestion and cough with phlegm used to leave me reaching for decongestants. 

As the seasons change, temperatures drop, indoor heat dries the air, flu shots are abundant, candy and sweet foods are eaten in excess, and people become sick all around us. Some refer to this as “Cold & Flu Season.” Referring to a time of year as “cold and flu season” gives the idea that there’s nothing we can do to help prevent these congested chest colds from occurring. This used to be the time of year that I started stocking up on over the counter medications like Mucinex, Robitussin Cough & Decongestant, and Theraflu.  None of this is now necessary because I know the truth, and I’m here to share the truth about natural sinus decongestants with you!

I know how to eat to help prevent these issues of mucus and chest congestion! I know what to do to assist my body and reduce the severity and duration of these common health issues using whole food supplements! Mucus is a fluid in the body that is made of water, salt and proteins that help clean up and trap toxins like dust, dirt, or other irritants of the nasal and oral passageways.

I have two very important natural lung decongestant supplements in my cupboard at home. 

These two supplements for congestion are, Spanish Black Radish and Fen-Gre, both are made by Standard Process.

What is it that makes these supplements so special that they can be called natural sinus and chest decongestants? They are gentle, whole food supplements that support the optimal performance of the body’s natural detox mechanisms. 

Spanish Black Radish promotes the body’s natural toxin-elimination pathways and encourages digestion by supporting the liver and gallbladder. Yes, when the liver is able to manage toxins and function better, it can actually help manage mucous and decrease symptoms of lung congestion!  Check out this research study about Spanish Black Radish supplements.

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As for Fen-Gre, it contains fenugreek. Many people think fenugreek is only a “breastfeeding” supplement and lack understanding of the actual function. Fenugreek or Fen-Gre by Standard Process functions to assist mucosal secretions and the phlegm of the body in addition to providing digestion support. So, for a woman breastfeeding, it can support her milk production. However, it is also extremely useful for someone who has chest congestion by supporting healthy phlegm in the lungs and bronchial tubes. Here is product information on Fen-Gre from Standard Process.

The secret to success! 

When I take these supplements I increase my water intake. I mentioned that mucus is made of salt and water, so when I take my supplements, I add a pinch of Selena’s Naturally, Unrefined Celtic Salt to my water along with a drop of liquid iodine to improve the viscosity of my mucous membranes. Here is a research study that studied two groups, one control, and one intervention group that gargled saltwater. The conclusion was this “Simple water gargling was effective to prevent URTIs (upper respiratory tract infections) among healthy people. This virtually cost-free modality would appreciably benefit the general population.” Check out the full study here: Prevention of upper respiratory tract infections by gargling: a randomized trial.

An important detail, I increase my water intake, not tea or coffee. Caffeinated tea and coffee can serve as a diuretic and can impair your progress, so avoid these when you’re experiencing increased phlegm and symptoms of congestion. Increasing water intake actually helps proper hydration which supports the performance of Spanish Black Radish and Fen-Gre to be more effective in cleaning up the mucus and phlegm. 

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Yours in health and longevity, 
Kristen Clore, OTRL, Holistic OTMaster Nutrition Response Practitioner ® & Certified Wellness Coach