If you’re someone who has calcification in the arteries, it means you are at higher risk of having a heart attack. Learn how to improve heart health below.

NanobacTX + cycling in and out of ketosis is a potent combination to combat increasing artery calcification.



Nanobacteria Making Biofilm

There are two potential theories at work about how the calcium deposits form in the first place. First, there is the nanobacteria theory. This theory says that there are tiny organisms, smaller than normal bacteria, that live anywhere in your body (there’s even speculation that nanobacteria have been found on meteorites). Much like fungus or parasites, the tiny creatures manufacture biofilm to live in. This film eventually calcifies, necessitating the making of more film, which calcifies, and more film, which calcifies, and on and on and on. That’s the first theory as to how you build up more and more calcium deposition in your arteries and in your heart.


Hot Spring Calcification

As for the second theory, there’s an article, The birth, and death of nanobacteria, that states that instead of nanobacteria creating the calcification, it’s an abiotic biochemical reaction. For example, in Yellowstone National Park, there is crystallization, or calcium deposition, around the perimeter of hot spring pools. As you can see in the picture, there’s a spectrum of colors in these pools, a variety of chemical reactions happening, and the article illuminates that it isn’t nanobacteria doing the work to transform the pools, but simply the chemistry of the water interacting with the chemistry of the soil. It could be that in your own body, stones and deposits form because of the blood chemistry interacting with the arterial wall or other tissues.


Calcification in Yellowstone

No matter which theory is correct, the solution to the problem is the same: take NanobacTX + cycle in and out of a ketogenic diet.


NanabacTX works in a way that is similar to how EDTA chelation works. EDTA is a chemical used in healthcare to pull heavy metals and toxins out of your body; it’s used to clear out your arteries via IV insertion of the chemical or via a pill. (NanobacTX is not EDTA, or Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, but is made with something similar: edetate disodium dicalcium). The IV costs about $100 to $300 per treatment, and people will often get one treatment per week, 12 to 20 times to clear out their arteries. One issue with it is that the half life of EDTA chelation in your blood is 15 minutes. This means that after 15 minutes, the drug has diminished in the body by half its potency. Dr. Gary Mezo, the creator of the formula of NanobacTX, figured out a way to make NanobacTX have a half life of 12 hours, which means the supplement is in your blood, circulating, doing its work, for significantly longer than EDTA would be and this makes it work better.

Along with the edetate disodium dicalcium, NanobacTX uses enzymes to penetrate the top layer of calcium or biofilm to stop the growth and uses certain nutrients to penetrate and clean in the body, thereby helping the immune system. It’s an excellent formula.

Ketosis Cycling

The ketosis half of the equation is equally as important as the supplement half because if you have a poor diet, your immune system is suppressed; your body’s ability to deal with calcium deposits is diminished. This is true in the case of either calcification theory: either your body can’t fight off the nanobacteria creating the calcified film, or your diet is creating the bad chemistry that causes the biochemical calcification. In the latter case, if you’re eating an unhealthy diet such as the Standard American Diet, you’re poisoning the blood—for this phenomenon, I use the term lactic acidosis. Your blood is dirty and now it’s crystallizing and forming this stone material inside your arteries.


The proper dose of NanobacTX is one pill per 20 pounds of body weight per night. If you weigh 200 pounds, that’s 10 pills at night, taken on an empty stomach before bed. You can eat dinner, but you can’t take any supplements past 3 PM. If you lose weight, then you recalculate and take the appropriate amount for your weight.

If you’re unsure whether or not this program would be beneficial for you, you can find out how much calcium is in your arteries by getting a CAC, or Coronary Artery Calcium, test. Your score will range from 0 to above 1000. Anything over 400 is very high and is dangerous. The normal rate of increase in the calcification is 15% to 55% increase per year.

Program Success Stories

I started working with NanobacTX in our office back in January of 2018.  Here are some of the successes I’ve had with it:

In 2015, one of my patients had a Coronary Artery Calcium score of 1,000. He was eating a Standard American Diet. In May of 2018, he tested again and his CAC was 1,727. Basically, at that time, his scores were following the normal pattern of increase of calcification. Then, he started the program, NanobacTX + cycling ketosis. In November of 2018, six months later, his score was 1,735. Where before he had been averaging an increase of about 121 points per six months, during those first six months on the program, his score had only increased by 8 points.

Another patient of mine, while on the program, had only a 1% increase in his CAC over two years, despite an original score over 1,000. It’s important to note here that to halt the progression of the calcification is a worthy goal. When there’s no increase in your CAC, it’s as if your score is zero, and is a stable plaque.

The third success is a woman who’d had a scary increase of calcification over the years. Just as some people have a tendency to form kidney stones or gallstones, or as some others have a greater tendency to form arthritis bone spurs, this woman had a high tendency to make calcium deposits in her body. In just eleven years, she’d had three stents put in. After six months on the NanobacTX program, she said to me that she could feel her arteries were clearing and that she could breathe better. The calcium that’s embedded in the tissue (deposits that are not from trauma) can dissolve with the NanobacTX.

Another man who’s been a patient of mine for about ten years had autoimmune issues, chronic infections. His CAC was low: less than 100—in the healthy range. His main concern was immune problems in the right side of his face and down his arm. I had him start taking NanobacTX and he’s doing much better now, progressively improving month by month like I’ve never seen before (and I’ve had him on a lot of different supplements). I’m very happy with the results and it’s thanks to NanobacTX.

My final example is that of a young woman in her late 20s or early 30s—a dancer. When I first started treating her about two years ago, I’d walk into the room and she’d be laying on her back on the table—she was always laying down. When I’d have her stand up, she was hunched over. She was miserable. She had parasites in her intestine, so I gave her Para 1 (I’ve talked about this product in videos of mine — Video on Para 1), and from this, she was eliminating three foot tapeworms. Now, she’s been through five bottles of NanobacTX and she’s told me several times that NanobacTX is the best thing she’s ever taken. She looks fantastic: her skin is clear and glowing, and her posture has improved notably. Now she’s got the parasites out, and with the NanobacTX she seems taller and she looks much healthier; she has more energy and is more able to endure her dancing.

Interestingly, there was a book to be published on the NanobacTX + ketosis cycling program, a collaboration between Dr. Mezo and Dr. Atkins. Dr. Mezo was staying at Atkins’ house at the time while they wrote the book. However, in the middle of the process was when Dr. Atkins hit his head in a fall on an icy sidewalk, resulting in a week-long hospital stay and his eventual passing. Luckily, the information survives as does the supplement. I feel very privileged to be able to share this with you.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Darren Schmidt


You do not have to be a patient to purchase NanobacTX from our office or website. Order from my office:https://bit.ly/2rwWq4O

Or buy from: https://nanobiotechpharma.com

Dr. Schmidt’s Video from a Class: Calcifying Nanoparticles

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