One cause of thyroid problems is a diet lacking in sufficient minerals to nourish the thyroid Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition & Food Science

The Basics of Thyroid Problems

There are many common symptoms of thyroid problems. Fatigue, trouble with sleep, weight gain, excessive weight loss, anxiety, irritability, depression, and heart racing are common complaints of individuals with a thyroid problem. Many people also experience hair loss, dry skin, and cold hands and feet. Memory problems and a foggy brain are also symptoms of thyroid imbalance.

Thyroid problems can also cause decreased immunity leading to more illness. Neck and shoulder pain and tightness can be observed when the thyroid is stressed.

If the thyroid function becomes very poor then the hormones called TSH, T3, and T4 may be abnormal on blood work.

How does a thyroid problem start?

Thyroid problem symptoms start because our diet lacks sufficient minerals to nourish the thyroid gland. Iodine, in particular, is deficient in most people especially in the mid-west where the soil has low iodine concentration.

Another burden to thyroid function is toxins that compete with iodine in the body. Chlorine, bromine, mercury, aluminum, and many others will accumulate in the tissue and cause thyroid malfunction.

When should I see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner?

When your body gives you a symptom like fatigue, problems with mood, frequent illness, or any symptoms listed above it is trying to tell you it needs something. What it needs is support with nutrition (whole food vitamins, minerals, herbs, salt). Listen to your body and see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner when your body gives you these signals. The symptoms are a sign that it is time to seek our help.

How will The Nutritional Healing Center help me?

We test your body to see what nutrients you can take to help you feel better and improve the function of your organs including the thyroid. We assess each person individually and make recommendations specific to your body’s needs. We offer a targeted approach to the treatment of thyroid problems and enhancing your health that is effective. Call us to schedule an appointment today.