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Your biggest concern is probably what you are suffering from—the symptoms. That’s the pain, fatigue, skin problem, etc. that drove you to seek help. If you combine bothersome symptoms together you get a diagnosable disease name like “depression,” “diabetes”, or “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Doctors treat the Symptoms all the time and it’s sometimes valid to do so. However, there are two more aspects of the human body to address: Cause and Mechanism.


Your bothersome symptoms were created by a Cause such as mold, sugar, toxins, and organisms like parasites and others. It is rare that a doctor treats the Cause unless they are holistic. An infection could be a Cause or a Symptom.


The most common mechanism of chronic disease is never treated in today’s healthcare except by The NHCAA. It’s called lactic acidosis and was first discovered in 1843 but forgotten by 1961. This mechanism may turn on from several Causes including the waste products of infectious organisms including mold, fungus, candida, virus, parasites, and bacteria. Toxins like metals and chemicals make it worse. The most common Cause is from your cells always burning sugar and never burning fat. Even if you are skinny, you still have to burn fat sometimes to stop the Mechanism of chronic disease.

Dr. Schmidt figured out lactic acidosis when he suffered from black mold exposure. He learned it from old medical textbooks when most medical research was feeding studies. He is the first person to publicly speak of it and its importance since the 1960s.

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