How We Monitor Your Health Program

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 4 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Monitoring Improvements

the nhcaa takes time to know the patient in order to monitor them

Over time, as you work with us on improving your health, MONITORING your improvements is the most important job. I ask this question all the time:

“Are you Better, Worse, or the Same since we last talked?”

This could be related to a single symptom, or overall how your body is doing. 

Depending on your answer, we take action.

If you are Better, the first rule we follow is “do nothing”!  Just Keep Going! It is working! 

Now you need some time to keep getting better. 

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The second rule is “If we change something, we just tweak it a little bit.” there are no dramatic changes because we don’t want to upset the healing that is currently happening. 

If You Are Worse

If you are Worse since the last time we talked, we have to figure out why by asking “What changed just before you got worse?” Once we figure it out, we make a significant change to get you back onto the road of health improvement. 

monitoring your diet is key


Was there something new added into your environment making you worse? Was there a new food you had? Did you get food poisoning? Was there a new supplement or medication that was added causing you to feel this way? Was there a supplement removed that we need to add back in? 

If you feel the SAME since we last talked, then we have to question several things.

  1. Are you doing the diet correctly?
  2. Are you taking the supplements fully?
  3. Are we addressing the correct organs and causes?

The biggest question is “What are we missing?” and we solve it to get you improving again.

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These are the questions we are always asking over the course of many months and even years to guide you up to optimal health. As your body changes, we keep adapting and we make changes. This is KEY to your success!

The Goal in Monitoring Your Health Program

The goal is to take control of your health and live longer and healthier. 

Since practicing healthcare beginning in 1997, it is obvious that what we do at The NHCAA works. 

Over the years, we have seen people not improve their diet. I specifically remember a woman who always ate banana bread and other sweets. I had given her supplements that reversed her arthritis but she never handled her diet. She died suddenly of a heart attack in her mid-60’s. Other people who couldn’t control their diet have not enjoyed the longevity we expect. 

low carb helps you get your health back

Compare that with other patients who eat low-carb into their 80’s and they are strong, vibrant, and pain-free. 

I had a patient in his late 70’s who was with me as a patient for 4 years. It took 1.5 years to get his health back. He lost 60 pounds and reversed his sleep apnea. After 4 years he decided to eat bread again. He had 3 sandwiches on Friday and Saturday, then had a stroke and died on Monday morning. The carbs and gluten in bread makes blood sticky which caused a stroke for him. It was a very shocking lesson learned. 

It is obvious to us that the people who follow good advice do very well regardless of age.

Our advice is simple. We have you track your diet using an app if needed and we decide what supplements you are going to take. 

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Wrapping Up Your Program

Initially, the program is more intensive and you might be taking more and more supplements, but as you get better and your diet is under control, you need fewer supplements. Since your diet is getting better, the effort is easier too. 

Diet is your primary charge and it is one of three Causes of chronic disease.

The other two Causes of chronic health problems are toxins and pathogens. 

I created a Formula to direct us. It is called the “Follow the Physiology Formula”. It actually comes from the Founders of Medicine from the 1920’s and 30’s. 

There is a big difference in how we operate versus conventional medicine. 

We give out my initial recommendation(s) on day 1 then start monitoring immediately.

Medicine, on the other hand … tests, tests, tests, then they give you a drug or surgery. 

This has its value, especially for an acute illness but is not ideal for chronic illness. 

The monitoring in medicine is weak, and the therapies are poisonous. Let us help you monitor your health program today.

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Follow The Physiology Formula eBook

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