How to Identify Mold Toxicity In Your Building and Body

(and What to Do About It)

Mold is a non-scientific term for many types of fungi – unwanted, unappealing patches of black, brown, green, smelly, fuzzy, moist or dry growths. Countless species of mold are found both indoors and outdoors and in your body. Mold grows in our homes and in buildings such as schools and hospitals. Mold needs to be eliminated for the sake of human health, structural integrity, and quality of life. Molds and other fungi grow easily in damp indoor environments including inside your body. People who spend time in such environments commonly complain of nose, throat, sinus, and lung symptoms such as cough, wheeze, stuffiness, and asthma. Less common but more dangerous symptoms occur throughout the body such as skin rash, fatigue, high blood pressure, bloating, constipation, lack of appetite, racing pulse, depression, and even cancer. The point is to find out if your symptoms are coming from mold exposure.
Mold Toxicity Course

Here Is a Sneak Peek of What You Get

Up to 70% of buildings have enough toxic mold that affects your health…

You need to be aware that toxic mold can easily get inside your body and cause serious health problems. I know this because I was infected with mold from the office I was working in for 13 years and the house I lived in for 8 years concurrently. I didn’t know the buildings had it and the result was incredible suffering. February 3rd, 2016 was the worst night of my life- that was the night I thought I might die but later I found the cause and survived and now am thriving. Through my own struggle and recovery from mold toxicity, it seriously deepened my understanding of the subject. Even to this very day, many patients who come to my practice have some form of mold overload. You can call is candida, yeast, or fungus or a dozen of other terms related to the symptoms. You need to understand if you have been exposed so you can do something about toxic fungus.
toxic mold
toxic Mold

Mold toxicity is often the underlying cause of medical illnesses, yet is frequently undiagnosed.…

I don’t want to minimize the danger mold has on the respiratory system: Allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, itchy eyes can significantly impact quality of life. But certain molds can have deadly effects because of the kind of toxins these molds make as their byproducts. Mold toxins range from mildly toxic to extremely potent (i.e. they can be used for biological warfare).

Mold toxins suppress the immune system, damage and kill cells, cause cancer and birth defects, and impaired nervous system. Imagine how many diseases diagnosed in the hospital are caused by mold. I have seen chest pain, dizziness, cancer chronic fatigue syndrome, rashes, depression, shortness of breath all caused by mold. Do you have mold as a cause of chronic symptoms?

toxic Mold

Is toxic mold making me sick?

Many people suffer from mold sickness and aren’t diagnosed properly. You could be wasting thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time, trying to treat your symptoms and not be getting to the true cause. This course will teach you how to recognize mold sickness and cover the steps that should be followed to detox from mold exposure. The first step is to remove the source of the mold or remove yourself from the source. We will go over mold toxicity diets and supplements to kill the mold, detoxify the mold toxins (mycotoxins), help your immune system, rebuild your gut health, and reduce inflammation.

Once you finish this course, you will become a “mold detective” for buildings and your body.

toxic Mold
toxic mold exposure

My Extensive Toxic Mold Knowledge Outwitted 2 of the top mold lawyers in my state of Michigan…

I sued my landlord for not repairing my water damaged and moldy office. 3 years later, we successfully settled out of court. I was happy with the settlement because I had an abundance of medical research to argue my case. The best mold lawyers had no idea what was in store for them.

In this course, I am giving you the opportunity to acquire the same studies so you can empower yourself against negligent landlords who are endangering your health by not taking care of their building.

toxic mold exposure

Here Is a Sneak Peek of What You Get

I almost died from ‘Toxic Mold’ exposure – my symptoms were diagnosed incorrectly – you need to learn this…

We’ve reached a critical point in the field of natural medicine where it’s not enough to simply eat better and manage stress.

Obviously those lifestyle changes are powerful and important, but sometimes there are much deeper disturbances that have yet to be uncovered.

Most of us can control the types of foods we eat, how much sleep we get and how often we exercise. But what about the factors that are largely out of our control – like mold? 

What if your DR fails to consider the external factors that could be THE cause of your illness?

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Learn what Toxic Mold does inside your body

Learn what causes Toxic Mold in a building

Find out how Toxic Mold affects your body

4 keys to eliminating Toxic Mold from your body

What to do if you find Toxic Mold at work or in a rental property

The supplements that saved my life can now help protect your life

KNOWLEDGE is not always the hard part.
The real challenge is the IMPLEMENTATION.

Which is why we include the 3 C’S in all our programs:


We all generally do so much better when we’re doing things together. By being part of a community of like-minded people who all want to achieve similar results, aiming for the same goals, makes it fun to share our successes and challenges. The Facebook group helps to keep you motivated and supported during and after your program.


When you have goals to achieve, there’s nothing like having someone with you who has been where you want to go, someone who can tell you the exact path that you need to take, someone who can really help accelerate your progress by telling you step by step exactly what you need to do. Everyone needs a help from a professional, no matter how much knowledge you have on nutrition and health.  You can always contact our practice and become a private patient.



I have dedicated my life to bringing you the latest cutting-edge advice and resources on educating you on the fundamentals of healing.

It’s amazing how information is evolving so quickly in the fields of nutrition and healthcare. It’s my job to filter out all the BS and get you the most accurate and beneficial content that will fast-track your health.

Rest assured that you are getting the best advice out there.

Toxic mold can be disastrous to your health – Put an end to it today…

Mold Toxicity Course



Module 1 = Learn what Toxic Mold does inside your body

Module 2 = Learn what causes Toxic Mold in a building

Module 3 = Find out how Toxic Mold affects your body

Module 4 = 4 keys to eliminating Toxic Mold from your body

Module 5 = What to do if you find Toxic Mold at work or in a rental property

Module 6 = The supplements that saved my life can now help protect your life

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The Toxic Mold Course Is For You IF:

You feel unhealthy and you don’t know why.

Doctors have tried to treat your symptoms and nothing has worked.

You have a strange collection of symptoms from head to toe that don’t make sense.

You suspect mold in your house or at work.

You want to return back to feeling the way you were before the mold exposure.

You want to balance and optimize your hormones. This includes your digestive, sex and happy hormones

toxic mold course

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