How Learning About Disease Got Mixed Up

by Follow The Physiology

When it comes to preventing lactic acidosis, it’s important to learn more about the physiology of chronic disease. It’s just as important to understand how cells die as it is to understand how to make them healthier.

When you gain a deeper understanding as to how your cells are dying it becomes easier to prevent it if you are healthy or reverse engineer it if you have a chronic health problem.

If you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle or maybe feel as if you are suffering from chronic symptoms, you now have a new way of approaching this especially as you become more aware of Lactic Acidosis as the mechanism and Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens as the major causes.

muscle soreness from lactic acid

Together these create symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness being some of the main ones.

As an example, does a prescribed drug fix any aspect of dying cells or the physiology of  lactic acidosis… or does it just squash a symptom? 

Does that food you are about to eat feed the pathological process of your dying cells and increase lactic acidosis or does it reverse engineer it and prevent it from ever affecting you? 

How do you know which herb or supplement to take that will positively affect your health by reversing engineering lactic acidosis? 

By understanding the physiology of chronic disease, all of this becomes easier to know what to do when it comes to reverse-engineering the lactic acid mechanism and optimizing your health.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of these 4 steps of lactic acidosis and how to use them to take back control of your health, it’s time to find out why you may have never heard of lactic acidosis in the past and why it’s been hidden from you! Read how learning about disease got mixed up and what you can do about it now.

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TWO Main Factors!

There are 2 main factors that have prevented the world from finding out and making it so hard to learn about…

The first is the nutrition and medical research before World War 2 was on “feeding studies”, which are studies where they removed specific vitamins and nutrients from foods of animals to see the effects. They also had the opportunity to monitor poor families during the Great Depression who could only afford to eat white, refined bread. These families could not afford vegetables and meat, the foods that support organs. These studies where very powerful and gave us the foundational understanding of how vitamins and minerals work. 

vitamin C from oranges

Then after WW2, pharmaceutical companies gained great strength and eventually, these nutritional feeding studies ended and soon after were forgotten about. Add to this, the federal government declared that Vitamin E and Vitamin C were mere “anti-oxidants”, essentially canceling decades of research and ignoring the disease-preventing abilities of these nutrients. 

Then the next factor was centered around Dr. Royal Lee, who was the Father of holistic nutrition. He was one of the most vocal and most powerful at educating the world on how whole food nutrition and supplements could help to reverse chronic health. This eventually led to a major lawsuit against him in 1961 to stop him from talking about healthcare or nutrition by the US Supreme Court. He lost the case and was forced to never talk about healthcare again and died in 1967 and this great information went with him.

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Lactic Acidosis Became 2 Small Subjects After 100 Years

Since then, this enormous and comprehensive subject of lactic acidosis which was well studied for over 100 years became 2 small subjects. The first subject was only for athletes- lactic acid in the muscles. The goal is to reduce the amount of lactic acid in muscles for better performance.  

And the second smaller subject was related to people who only have a few days left to live. These people are in the hospital and they have suffered a heart attack or gotten a diagnosis of cancer. As a result, their bodies are filling up with lactic acid and the MD’s run a lactate test from blood and they also test the acidity of the blood. The higher the lactate and the more acidic the blood is, the shorter the lifespan of that person. 

These two small subjects were taken out of context and the whole subject of lactic acidosis, including their appropriate solutions had been lost.

Which brings us back to the world we are living in today.

There is a global epidemic of toxins, pathogens, and bad diet causing chronic diseases such as diabetes (high insulin), chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, etc.

These chronic diseases all have one thing in common – Lactic Acidosis.

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