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My name is Dr. Darren Schmidt and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic who has been focusing on nutrition my whole career; since the mid-1990s. This has led me to discover something that has personally saved my life, changed thousands of my patients’ lives and now I want it to help change your life as well.



But before we start – I’d like to ask you a few questions, just to see if you are in the right place!



  • Have you started to feel unhealthy and not sure why?
  • Has there been an underlying problem with your health and you just can’t work out what it is?
  • Do you not recover like you used to? Maybe from bad food, alcohol, or exercise?
  • Have you ever thought there could be more to reducing your symptoms other than just being given a drug from your doctor?
  • Are you curious about how to get back to the way your health used to be when you were younger?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Are you suffering from high blood pressure or high blood sugar?
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis, back pain, or headaches?



If you answered yes to any of the above, then this information is for you. You are about to learn the tools that will change the course of your life, as it has for me and as I witness on a daily basis with the patients I treat.



To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:



It’s focused around a misinterpreted medical term called “Lactic Acidosis”. Even if you were to look it up on Google or ask a Doctor, you would not get the original, correct meaning, which is why I have created this guide for you. Once you understand the true meaning of Lactic Acidosis, everything will change. Lactic acidosis has been forgotten since 1961 for several reasons but it is time to bring it back so we can all benefit.



Once I figured it out in 2016, everything in healthcare made sense. I had been in natural healthcare for 19 years at the time I discovered it. Afterward, all the bits and pieces related to health and disease fell into place. Everything!



My research led me to Lactic Acidosis and it was from this information that I created the Follow the Physiology Formula. Within this guide, I explain how this formula saved my life and how it is helping my patients recover from chronic illnesses. One in three adults worldwide has these chronic conditions, many in multiples with some having 5 or 6 simultaneously.

lactic acidosis the nhcaa



There are 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness and they are unaddressed by the majority of the medical field.



  1. The first comes from undetected toxicities from acute or long-term exposures. We are surrounded by these toxins from the moment we are born to right this very second.
  2. The second is ‘pathogens’ – A pathogen can also be referred to as an infectious agent, a “bug”, or simply a germ. It’s important to know that they can be hidden and you may be suffering from them for many years without even knowing it.
  3. The third is poor diet because of the easy access to our horrible food supply.



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Toxins, Pathogens and a poor diet are causing different forms of chronic illnesses that can’t simply be addressed thoroughly by just taking a drug.

When it comes to toxins and pathogens the correct way to address them is through the use of specific supplements. The correct way to address a poor diet is to start eating healthy food.

Even though these 3 areas are causes of chronic illnesses, they seem to be ignored by modern medicine.



To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”



Instead, we are seeing more medical operations being performed and more drugs are being used to treat the symptoms of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and depression. (1)



It is time to address these 3 causes instead of just focusing on the effects. Even though our bodies are an amazing machine, it’s still important to realize that if treated in the wrong way, over an extended period of time, it will wear out.



And when it wears out, that’s when chronic illness steps in and takes over.



The good news is, by following the Follow The Physiology Formula you will be able to easily achieve optimal health.



When it comes to healing your body, you have to address the Causes, the Mechanism, and then feed your organs to get rid of symptoms.



Let’s start by jumping back in time to the 1920s through World War 2. This was a time when all the medical studies were ‘feeding’ studies that were discovering vitamins and they were trying to figure out the importance of nutrition. (2)

All of the doctors at this time were trying to fix chronic illness by addressing the MECHANISM (most common is Lactic Acidosis) but they mostly weren’t focusing on what was actually causing the chronic illness. (3)

mechanism the nhcaa



It wasn’t until much later that they started focusing on the CAUSES but by doing so, they slowly forgot about the mechanism, especially after 1961.



Both the MECHANISM and the CAUSES are 2 very important steps that are directly related and need to be focused on together. When I used these 2 steps together on my patients for the first time ever, everything started to change within my practice. This combination started to improve my patients’ success rates more than ever before. Which made me realize that SYMPTOMS needed to be added as the third step. Once I combined the Causes, Mechanism, and Symptoms together, everything started to change.



Step 1 is all about the CAUSES of chronic illnesses.
Step 2 is all about the most common MECHANISM – lactic acidosis.
Step 3 is all about feeding your organs to help them function better so that SYMPTOMS go away which is what everyone wants but you can’t forget the first 2 steps!



It’s this combination of the 3 steps that created the “Follow The Physiology Formula”



Remember, the definition of Lactic Acidosis from 1932 is more clinically appropriate than the modern definition.



I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. But the lactic acid cycle, once understood, helps you understand the mechanism of how your health degenerates. And it helps you understand that the best way to keep your health up is with lifestyle choices, natural remedies from food and supplements, and exercise. And within this guide, I will show you how to prevent it or reverse-engineer it if you have it. Allowing you to achieve the optimal health you desire.



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