Our body burns fuel from only three sources to produce energy: sugar, fat, and ketones.

Your body will use the fuel that is most plentiful.

Sugar burns inefficiently and leaves four waste products that cause disease and inflammation. It also burns quickly causing you to be hungry more often, eat more, gain weight, and cause inflammation and disease. Americans tend to have a diet that is high in sugar and thus their blood is high in sugar.

So how does ketosis help weight loss? Burning fat is great and stops the spread of chronic disease throughout your body. It burns efficiently with no waste products and maintains energy for a long time but isn’t as awesome as burning ketones.

Ketones are water-soluble chemicals in the body made from fat. To convert your body to using ketones, called ketosis, you must increase your healthy fat intake and reduce your carbohydrate and protein intake. There are several ways to do this. Learn more about ketosis for weight loss below.

Ketosis turns off your bad DNA, reduces inflammation, lengthens telomeres, reduces insulin, reduces MTOR, reduces blood sugar, reduces inflammation, turns on the brain, provides incredible endurance, and detoxifies the body. It MUST be cycled until determined otherwise, you do in and out of ketosis.

ketosis vs lactic acidosis ImageGetting into ketosis is an ancient therapy that is best done with professional help. The practitioners at The Nutritional Healing Center have researched many methods of getting someone into Ketosis and when it should be done. Our practitioners can guide you on your journey to better health with an individualized eating plan to get your body into Ketosis and testing to see when you are in Ketosis. We are here to help you achieve optimal health and feel your best! Call now to speak to our Patient Coordinator at 734-302-7575. We also have videos about how to achieve ketosis.