Junk Food = Chronic Disease

by Follow The Physiology

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We are born healthy but throughout our life, we get exposed to external factors that harm our health such as toxins and pathogens. Another “external factor” is bad food that we unknowingly or unconsciously consume.

Our modern diet has a unique feature never seen in the history of mankind before 1848. It is called “junk food”. The first candy bar was 1848 and this junk food industry grew as the industrial revolution grew. (1)

The four main components of junk food are:

  1. Seed oils (formally known as vegetable oils)
  2. Added sugar
  3. Processed flour, especially refined white wheat.
  4. Added salt

The seed oils alone cause incredible damage and are possibly as bad as sugar for causing diabetes and heart disease. (2) Consider that 99% of salad dressing is a seed oil such as canola oil or soybean oil.

The sugar alone is inflammatory and causes disease. It is pure carbohydrate with little nutrition. The processed flour is poor quality and very inflammatory. It is also exceedingly high in carbohydrates which turn into sugar and then stored as fat.

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Excess carbohydrates from sugar and flour are also the main cause of the mechanism of chronic disease called lactic acidosis.

Along with the diseases caused by eating junk food, excess carbohydrates from sugar and flour are also the main cause of the mechanism of chronic disease called lactic acidosis. It is the mechanism behind all chronic illness in our modern society. The excess sugar metabolism from the grains and sugar consumption builds up pathological tissue and is the biggest contributor to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

When you add the high sugar with bad fats, it’s a recipe for disaster. (3) The sugar makes all fat turn into “cluster bombs” that circulate around in the blood damaging cells, tissues, and blocking normal physiology. This combination of high sugar and high fat intake is the hallmark of modern, industrial foods found in packages and makeup 80% of grocery stores.

Imagine a hamburger on a bun. It’s the high carb bun that makes the burger meat dangerous. If you skip the bun, you get all the nutrients and building capacity of the meat without the damaging bread. You can’t blame the burger for what the bun or fries are doing.

Our ancestors’ diet had meat. (4) This is true all over the world. Some had less, some had more but a significant percentage of calories was animal flesh either scavenged or hunted.

hamburger junk food the nhcaa

Vegetables and fruit were lesser in calories in general but went up during summer when plants were more readily available. These plants were mostly medicinal like the herbs you buy at a health food store now.

The State of Burning Fat — Ketosis

The high meat and low carb diet lead to ketosis – the state of fat burning. Also, our ancestors sometimes didn’t have food so they fasted. This also created the state of ketosis which is the native state of the body and is a natural way of detoxification (5) and it strengthens your immune system against pathogens.

The ideal diet for a human being is, low carbohydrate, plenty of protein, and healthy fats. The healthier your diet is, the less food you need to eat and the less often you eat too. Snacks become unnecessary when your meals are awesome. The time between meals extends out to many hours because you are simply not hungry. This is known as intermittent fasting. (6) First, feed your body for a period of time for the goal of satiety, then you can fast.

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There is no experiment that proves meat causes any disease such as cancer (7) or heart disease (8)… “There is no compelling health reason to avoid red meat.” Do not be afraid to use butter, lard, and meat. Just remember, you cannot add high carbohydrate foods with them in your meals.

Your diet is the most fundamental basis of your health and it is something that you have to do anyways, we all need to eat food. But by avoiding seed oils, added sugar, and processed flour, you will be able to fend off chronic diseases caused by junk food.

The State of Burning Fat — Ketosis

Our ancestors’ diet can’t be ignored and has to have some sort of influence over how you approach your food today. When you look at a plate of food that contains meat, vegetables, salad, and starch the volume of food is primarily plants by quantity but the greatest quantity of calories is still the meat. That’s our ancestral diet- it is calorie dense with meat. It keeps you satisfied for a long time, keeps you warm, and provides endurance. Focus on the meat and the rest of the food should be lower in carbs.

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If you have been exposed to too many toxins and pathogens and you’ve been eating high carb foods, you are setting yourself up for lactic acidosis. Since the 1920’s it has been known to be the most common mechanism of chronic disease. (37) Up until the 1970s, doctors were taught to assume all their chronically ill patients had it.

The Follow The Physiology Formula helps you to reverse engineer lactic acidosis so you can take back control of your health.

Achieving optimal health doesn’t have to be complicated and by focusing on some simple key points, it is easy to achieve amazing results.

If your diet is all-natural foods such as meat and vegetables and a little fruit and you are not feeling better and better over time, then remember you still have other factors to contend with – pathogens, toxicity, the mechanism of chronic disease, and organ dysfunction.

The journey of reverse-engineering the disease cycle includes entering into the state of Ketosis which helps your body to naturally burn fat that you’ve been storing. Ketosis then becomes the foundation of the required detoxification that your body needs. It helps to feed your hormones and brain which ultimately makes you happier.

junk food bad do ketosis-the nhcaa

Moving To A Low Carb Diet

Moving over to a low-carb diet starts the process of helping your body to fight against and eliminate these harmful organisms. By consuming higher amounts of protein your body maintains its structure and function- you don’t lose your brainpower, muscular strength, and bones (osteoporosis). Nutritional and herbal supplements are supplemental to your good diet and are important for killing organisms and detoxification.

Diet is essential to solving lactic acidosis. The two most important foods to eat are meat and liver. A distant “third place” is vegetables.

But regardless of the types of food you eat, it is essential to know ketosis is the first place to start so that your cells stop using sugar as fuel and instead switch over to ketones.

In the 1930s, the founders of medicine discovered that many organs worked together to clean the blood of lactate and other wastes so they made glandular supplements. They put animal glands such as liver and pancreas into pills. (10) Their patients took these pills to get better. You can consume glands from animals for your own benefit or take supplements with glands in them.

These glandular supplements of the 1920s and ’30s were lost when synthesized hormones were invented for better or for worse, such as synthetic estrogen, insulin, etc.

Toxins, Pathogens, and Diet

Toxins, Pathogens, and Diet are all in the first circle of the Follow The Physiology Formula. They are the “Causes”. The second circle is the mechanism – lactic acidosis – that gets ignored the most. The third circle is feeding organs to get rid of symptoms. Most doctors try to suppress the symptoms with drugs instead of feeding the organs.

All three circles need to be addressed – maybe all at once or at different stages. Making sure all 3 are thoroughly addressed insures health improvement. If you skip one circle, your healing will be incomplete.

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