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See this video on a phenomenal success story about one of my patients: How To Recover From (A Case Study) Stroke, Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Daily Dizzy + Vomiting

Patient Testimonials:

My husband found Dr. Schmidt’s YouTube channel and had been watching for several months, finding the information very helpful and educational. So when we decided to make a trip to the US in May 2017 to visit friends (we live in the UK) we also decided to book appointments with Dr. Schmidt at his clinic and see him too while we were there. He assessed us both and gave each tailored (bespoke) plans for the health aspects we were concerned about, it was a very, very helpful and informative afternoon. It is now late 2019 and we continue to benefit from Dr. Schmidt’s advice and information, we both continue to watch him on YouTube to learn more and would definitely see him again, either in person and via his distance consulting. And while we both have improved our health, I, in particular, have changed my life significantly for the better due to the path Dr. Schmidt set me on. The list of improvements is long and I am so very very grateful that Dr. Schmidt shared his information on YouTube so we could find it and learn. Words really cannot do justice to the positive changes I’ve made. It is a very sad thing, could just as easily be anger and betrayal really, that all my life (I’m over 60) I kept trying to do the right thing for my health. I did my best to follow the standard we have all been told for decades by those in authority and I tried many things – all were for nothing and none were sustainable for long, and are fundamentally flawed by low quality “science”. I had to put aside everything I thought I knew and start again to learn how our health is impacted by the food we eat and what food is truly healthy for humans. I will never go back! It is so sad to see how vested interests of corporations and academic institutions have been taking us down such an unhealthy path for so many years. And so sad to see many people one sees in public that could have a happier life if they were not so badly affected by years of wrong dietary information. Thank you loads to Dr. Schmidt and his staff, these words are genuinely meant yet so not enough to express the depth of gratitude felt!

I learned all kinds of unexpected things during my first couple visits.  The staff was beyond friendly, helpful, and always seemed to know who I was and the questioned I asked — even though I was brand new to the practice.  I’m also amazed how effective the supplements were within these first couple days of taking them! I’m feeling better than I have for over four months when my diet and sleep was way, way more strict!  I’m excited to see how things improve over time!!

I would highly recommend Dr Schmidt.  He is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I’ve ever worked with.  He has an amazing intuition for treating patients and gives great hope that one can recover their health.

On October 29, 2019 this year I traveled to this clinic in Ann Arbor from Minnesota. My medical clinic in Minnesota was not helping me solve my issues since 2012. I used the Long distance program with 5 appointments. By October 31, Dr. Darren Schmidt had figured out which supplements I needed through muscle testing. I was not aware my body knew what I needed. Dr. Schmidt is very disciplined, knowledgeable, able, and intelligent. His highly respectful staff is excellent to work with. I have huge hope for my future now and I feel better every day with results I have wanted to see for a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am telling all my coworkers about this miracle.

Great clinic. I am having great results with my nutritional support. Together with the educational videos I am improving my health every day!

From California: Started seeing Dr Schmidt May 23. It’s November. I’m 25% healthier. No more parasites kidney stones diverticulosis issues tiredness and fatigue. Or skinny bony-ness. I gotta say, my body feels different. like I got a brand new body. It’s absolutely worth it if you’re battling with health issues.

Knew which lab work I needed when, in fact, indicated extremely high thyroid antibodies. With the diet changes and supplements he suggested I have lost weight, have better energy and improved digestion. I no longer have to take short naps to help me make it through the day.

Regarding my concerns about dementia, which runs in my family, it feels like a light bulb has been turned back on in my brain.

I have gone to many health care practitioners throughout my life but none with the knowledge and skill of Dr. Schmidt. I highly recommend him.

Best holistic functional medicine Doc in the world. Under his care, my mother is off 14 prescription drugs, has reversed diabetes, hypertension, chronic UTI, chronic Bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep apnea. She has lost 22 kgs (48.5 lbs.) and is healthier than ever. May Almighty bless him and his staff.

Dr. Schmidt has been taking care of my husband over the past several months. He has helped with multiple health conditions concerning us.

His recommendations have greatly improved and normalized my husband’s blood pressure more so than any formerly prescribed medication. My husband has reduced and maintained his weight at a healthy level which has helped with his overall health, thanks to Dr. Schmidt’s Keto Diet recommendation. As an out-of-state patient under his distant patient program, we find Dr. Schmidt and his staff highly responsive and helpful in addressing my husband’s overall health and wellbeing through comprehensive phone interviews.

Also, thank you Dr. Schmidt, for the incredible research you provide us through your YouTube channel.

Dr. Schmidt and his team are exceptional and I’m incredibly grateful for what they do. Over the past year I’ve been treating a serious candida overgrowth which was causing all kinds of health issues many of which I had not realized were connected to this issue. Now I’m symptom free and healthier than ever because my doctor knows exactly what to do so how cool is that.

This really works! I’m a 65 year old fairly healthy woman and I’ve had so many noticeable changes in my health since starting as a patient of Dr. Darren Schmidt. I wanted to get off my medications when I started in early July 2018 and after two weeks, quit using my steroid inhaler. I’ve tried to quit before but after 3-4 weeks, my chronic cough would return and I’d have to start using it again. But four weeks went by and no cough. It’s now been five months and it’s still gone and I haven’t used the inhaler once. And I can breathe so much deeper. I just went to see my M.D. who said my lungs are ‘really clear’ now. That would have been enough for me to make Dr. Schmidt’s treatment protocol worthwhile but there was so much more. My brain fog was lifted. My memory is so much better now and I feel ‘smarter’. And if that wasn’t enough, my tinnitus is GONE, I mean really gone and it hasn’t come back in five months so far. I didn’t even expect that would happen! It’s SO awesome to wake up in the morning and lay in bed and hear silence. I’m now working on my hypothyroidism. I’ve been off my Synthroid since early September 2018 and this has been tougher but the supplements make me feel warmer and have more energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds so my BMI is in the normal range now, not overweight. This program is the coolest thing I’ve done for myself in my whole life!

I am so incredibly blessed to have found Dr. Darren Schmidt’s videos on Youtube! I began watching him as I was exploring a ketogenic lifestyle. About four months into watching his videos, I heard him talk about his own experience with a pounding heart and high blood pressure. His story was my story! Gratefully, he has distance appointments with people, as I live on the west coast. I was determined to get off the medication I now had to take. I had thrown every natural remedy at it I could without luck. I called the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor and scheduled a distance appointment with Dr. Schmidt. It took a few weeks for my first appointment, but I assure you it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!

Dr. Schmidt gave me a great analysis of what was going on with me…something medical doctors had completely missed. He started me on a protocol of supplements and a particular diet and in LESS THAN A MONTH…I am on a QUARTER of my blood pressure medication!!! I think within the next week I should be off of it completely, as frankly…it’s a little low now. 🙂 Having studied natural health as a hobby for several decades, I truly feel in my heart that Dr. Schmidt will go down in history as one of our greatest doctors ever. I really mean that. I have watched countless videos he has presented and have never come across anyone who has dedicated their lives this deeply to not only discovering useful information for the public to get a handle on their own health, but to actually share this information generously with all via Youtube. I have hope now that other problems will clear up that I have been dealing with. This man really knows his stuff. He is one of the most courageous, caring and intelligent beings on this planet.

Thank you Dr. Schmidt for all you do and to your kind staff for always being there for me. I love you all and I’m forever grateful.

After being sick and going back and forth to many different doctors with no results, I came across Dr Schmidt videos on YouTube . I watched every video that he had posted on YouTube. I made appointment to see him and with in one month I seen great improvement in my health. I can’t thank Dr. Schmidt and his staff enough they are my heroes.

I have been seeing Dr Schmidt since Sep 2016. He has helped to get my health and weight back in order within the first 6-8 months. I was also having auto immune, thyroid and knee and heel problems. Dr Schmidt has helped with all these issues and I am happy to say I feel really healthy and have a lot of energy now.

I have seen an Endocronologist for 7.5 years prior with absolutely no results. For all those folks out there with Thyroid problems and auto immune related issues I highly recommend seeing Dr. Schmidt instead. Sad to say The Endo specialists have absolutely no idea how to treat you!!

I am so happy and in debt to Marylin, my friend, who referred me to Dr Schmidt.

A big thank you to Dr. Schmidt and the entire staff at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor for helping me to be healthy!!

Here are the important improvements in my health that have been achieved in only 7 months with The NHCAA. Weight down 38 lbs; waist down 4″; shortness of breath climbing stairs is gone; systolic bp down 15 points; stamina has increased; dizziness is gone; virtually all arthritis pain is gone; strength is returning; sleep has improved greatly; nighttime urination frequency reduced almost completely; brain fog reduced; blood sugar way down.

Dr. Schmidt knows what he is doing and almost anyone can transform their health by working with The NHCAA. This is not a one-way street, however. It requires dedication, commitment and belief in them and yourself. But it is so worth it!!!

I have been going to Dr. Schmidt for a couple of years. It has been a life-changing experience for me. I had been sick for 3-4 years – going to the doctor over and over, subjected to tests, yet no accurate diagnosis. Dr. Schmidt helped me identify the problem and do what was necessary to get well and maintain my health. Now, I am healthy and strong again! I can’t thank him enough!!

The NHCAA has helped me tremendously in just 2.5 months! My swollen knee is nearly 100% – I have full range of motion back and have been very pleased with the improvement. The process is straightforward and while the diet is somewhat restrictive, there are many foods I can eat and enjoy. I am feeling so much better and most of my top 5 health concerns have improved significantly. I have lost weight and feel like I am on the right path toward a healthier me.

Dr. Schmidt recommended that I begin an iodine regimen for my symptoms, which changed my mood instantly. I felt so happy and energetic. Along with other supplements that Dr. Schmidt suggested, my general health improved and I feel better every day. Thanks Dr.Schmidt and Staff!

Three months ago, after watching several of Dr Schmidt’s YouTube videos, I decided to contact him believing he could help me find the cause of my higher blood pressure. My BP had risen to 155/105 – 170/110.

I told him I was not interested in using drugs to suppress my systems, I only wanted to find the cause and correct it.

Dr. Schmidt methodically went through an elimination process, with thorough testing and questions, by phone and multiple e-mails, because I am in Florida.

Recently Dr. Schmidt suggested a supplement to help with my cortisol regulation. My cortisol was up and my neuro transmitters, serotonin and dopamine were down.

The product he suggested nearly instantly corrected how I was feeling and solved the problem Dr Schmidt was asked to solve, higher BP.

My BP now is 128/89 – 140/94, plus I feel great; in my case the higher BP was caused by poor cortisol regulation.

I found Dr Schmidt and his staff very thorough!

Dear Dr. Schmidt,

Thank you for all your research on lactic acidosis and for making all the videos on that subject. It has changed the course of my health.

You are brilliant, perceptive and have information that all of today’s physicians should know, but unfortunately do not.

When will our incompetent and uninformed medical professionals listen to you?

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