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It starts in your head. Problems above your neck seep into your body and cause disease

Collar Up Focal Infections

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Treat up to 6 locations above the collar to clean out the head, throat, ears, mastoid bones, sinuses, mouth, jaw, gums, and nose. The more you treat, the better the results.

Immune problems above your neck seep into your body and cause disease. Discover how to address your teeth, gums, tonsils, nasal cavity, ears and more for better overall body health

Have you been struggling with persistent health issues? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but still aren’t seeing the results you desire? Then it’s time for a revolution in your health journey with our “Collar Up Focal Infections” course.

In my extensive career, I have made two paramount discoveries. The first was identifying Lactic Acidosis as the most common mechanism of chronic disease back in 2016. Fast forward to 2021, and I have made my second most important discovery – the power of addressing problems from the neck upwards topically.

The “Collar Up Focal Infections” course encapsulates this innovative discovery. It’s a culmination of extensive research, meticulous application, and the overwhelmingly positive results I’ve seen in my patients over several months. These aren’t just good results – they’re fantastically awesome, yet predictable because of the deep understanding I have of this health issue.

This course isn’t just a list of health tips – it’s a comprehensive guide to a revolutionary approach to health. Through this course, you’ll learn practical methods to treat issues stemming from the neck upwards. No more masking symptoms; instead, we will target the root cause, leading to lasting relief and profound health improvements.

Embrace this unique opportunity to benefit from the insights and techniques that have already transformed the lives of many. By enrolling in the “Collar Up Focal Infections” course, you’re not just buying another health course. You’re investing in a proven, game-changing approach to health, one that is tailored to your unique needs and is committed to seeing you thrive.

I invite you to join the many who have already started reaping the benefits of this innovative approach. See for yourself the amazing results that come from treating problems from the neck upwards topically.

Don’t wait for wellness to come to you. Seize it today with the “Collar Up Focal Infections” course. Welcome to a new chapter in your health journey, one filled with discoveries, wellness, and a quality of life you’ve always dreamed of. Enroll today!

It Starts In Your Head Course

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Discover how to address your teeth, gums, tonsils, nasal cavity, ears and more for better overall body health…

Are you tired of living with persistent health issues that seem to have no end in sight? Has arthritis, constipation, bloating, or even autoimmune conditions become your unwelcome companions?

We have an answer for you: our life-altering course, “Collar Up Focal Infections.”

This revolutionary course is based on the concept that chronic immune system problems above the collar – often overlooked and untreated – are the silent culprits behind an array of health problems throughout the body. From TMJ problems, leaky gut, to chronic immune weakness and even chest pain, these issues may find their root cause in the hidden infections lurking above your collar.

We’ve witnessed countless individuals like you reverse their health conditions through the strategies we teach in this course. They’ve rediscovered the joy of a life free from debilitating symptoms and gained a new lease on life.

The “Collar Up Focal Infections” course reveals how pathogenic organisms above your collar can travel to the lower parts of your body through the lymphatic system, blood, or even by merely dripping down your throat from your sinuses or ears, leading to an array of health issues. We also delve into oral “dysbiosis,” an issue caused by unfriendly bacteria in the mouth due to poor dietary habits and smoking.

Our course will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to combat these stealthy invaders. You’ll learn practical and innovative strategies to address these focal infections, leading to significant health improvements.

Embark on the path of wellness and give your body the relief it deserves. Seize the opportunity to reverse your symptoms and reignite your vitality.

Enroll in the “Collar Up Focal Infections” course today and give yourself the gift of optimal health! Don’t just cope with chronic health issues – conquer them.

Because it’s time to collar up and charge towards a healthier you!

Airborne germs invade through your nose. It’s the body’s air filter for trapping allergens and viruses…

Naväge is a super-effective, all-natural way to clean your nose.

It’s the world’s only nose cleaner with powered suction to flush out mucus and germs so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and feel healthier!

A Waterpik is a brand of water flosser or oral irrigator that sprays water to remove food from between your teeth…

Like regular flossing, water flossing removes food stuck between your teeth and the bacteria lingering there before it hardens into plaque. Your toothbrush can’t get into those small spaces. Water flossing can also reduce gum disease and bleeding.

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We all generally do so much better when we’re doing things together. By being part of a community of like minded people who all want to achieve similar results, aiming for the same goals, makes it fun to share our successes and challenges. The Facebook group helps to keep you motivated and supported during and after your program.


When you have goals to achieve, there’s nothing like having someone with you who has been where you want to go, someone who can tell you the exact path that you need to take, someone who can really help accelerate your progress by telling you step by step exactly what you need to do. Everyone needs a help from a professional, no matter how much knowledge you have on nutrition and health.  You can always contact our practice and become a private patient.



I have dedicated my life to bringing you the latest cutting edge advice and resources on educating you on the fundamentals of healing.

It’s amazing how information is evolving so quickly in the fields of nutrition and healthcare. It’s my job to filter out all the BS and get you the most accurate and beneficial content that will fast track your health.

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