Three Factors Needed To Increase Your Health

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 3 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Why Supplements Are So Important

supplements increase your health

Earlier, I mentioned the 5 categories of supplements. 

Keep in mind the supplements are supplemental to a good diet. 

Some people need most of their effort to be on their diet. Others have had a good diet for many years but they need to know how to choose supplements to create positive changes. My job is to find and use the best supplements. 

There are some things that food alone doesn’t do well, so we rely on supplements:

  1. Food doesn’t detoxify fast.
  2. Food can’t supply nutrients in a concentrated form to speed up healing.
  3. Food can taste bad such as liver. It’s easier for some people to take a liver pill.
  4. Modern food can be quite deficient in nutrients such as minerals.

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Modern food can also be bred to have too much sugar. For example, modern fruit has lots of sugar compared to 75 years ago. 

Some food can contain chemicals your body doesn’t like. For example gluten in wheat, oxalates in spinach, lactose in milk. 

wheat interferes with your health

Lastly, in order to get the benefits of herbs, you can grow them in your yard, harvest them at the right time, then process them correctly yourself. Or you can just take a pill with everything all done correctly for you. 

It’s all about treating yourself – not about having someone else treat you and you rely on them – you take ownership and together we make a difference

Just like any subject in life, the more control you have, the better results you get. 

For example, if you give up control of your money to someone else, you run the risk of losing it.

If you lend someone your car, they won’t drive it as carefully as you. 

If you give up control of your health to someone else, chances are greater you are going to lose it.

There are 3 factors needed to improve your health.
They are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Responsibility
  3. Control

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Some people have lots of knowledge about health yet they take no action.

Some people have the knowledge and the desire or responsibility to increase their health yet their control has been taken away by a greater influence. 

It is your responsibility to gain more knowledge and take control for your own good. 

When you work with our practitioners, we provide the knowledge and you take responsibility, so you end up taking control.

This is how you will be able to achieve your optimal health moving forward.

take responsibility for your health

When the responsibility for your own health is high, you become accountable to yourself. This means as you start to change your diet and take different supplements, you can actually know what is making you feel better. Once you know why your body is starting to feel healthier, this is what makes you want to do more. 

Food is the primary medicine. Eating plants appropriately with meats is where your effort goes first. Also avoiding industrial, processed foods deserves as much attention and effort. 

We Address Prescription Drugs

Typically most drugs are designed to mask a problem. 

High blood pressure drugs keep it at a level.

A cholesterol drug keeps it lower.

But this is not addressing the cause – or offering a solution to the problem – it is simply masking the problem.

If you were to stop taking the drug – your symptoms would return.

If the drug is not achieving the correct level – the dosage is increased until it does.

This is adding more masking – still not addressing the cause of why your blood pressure or cholesterol is so high.

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Instead, we address the cause and use food and supplements to help strengthen your organs so your body can gain back it’s function and fight back, which in turn strengthens your body and naturally returns you back to optimal health.

When you gain this knowledge and take control of your body – you are in the driver’s seat – and can build a healthier future for yourself. 

Results Matter

Handing over your entire health care to someone else can be very dangerous especially if it’s the medical profession. They have an agenda to follow using pharmaceuticals and if an MD breaks from this they could get into trouble with their license. 

Even if the healthcare provider is not pharmaceutically based they still have their service or product that may not align with your optimal body function and health. This includes the sellers of supplements (retail, multi-level marketing, etc.), body workers (massage, physical therapy, etc.), health coaches, and physical trainers.

It is fine to learn and apply various pieces of advice to see if it works for you but it is important that you get results! The ONLY thing that matters is that you get RESULTS!

You shop around for a health care provider that gives you the best knowledge so you get the best results! 

An educated consumer (you) is the most important trait of a successful effort to improve health.

Monitor and Adjust

Once you start on your health improvement plan, monitoring and adjusting as you go is vital. 

You will start to understand more about how your body responds to different therapies through changes in your symptoms. 

Based on these changes, we take different actions – this is what “monitoring” is and this is how we achieve continual improvement over time. 

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