How Your Health Declines And How To Reverse It

by Follow The Physiology

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Fitness Nutrition Is Human Nutrition

What food is best to feed muscles? Red meat. (1) Red meat helps start Ketosis which stops the use of sugar as fuel and switches over to fat for fuel which is ideal.

So you need to realize that if you are creating lactic acidosis within your own body or have been for many years; you need to stop – now.

Regular medicine used to diagnose causes of health decline, for there is a pattern of lab tests that appear throughout a person’s lifetime.

The first positive lab test that is high is insulin. A great researcher named Dr. Kraft discovered that 90% of 19-year-olds had high insulin due to their high carb and sugar diet and it only gets worse as we age.(2)

Later in life, the next medical tests that are abnormal are high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Then the typical response to this is to be prescribed medication as a bandaid – not a cure. These drugs do not fix the underlying Cause nor Mechanism.

Then again later in life, the lab tests show the liver and kidneys are malfunctioning. Now we have a disease process continuing that should have been prevented many years earlier. Once again more medication is prescribed to avoid critical life-threatening effects.

Then finally the last lab test that MDs will find is high lactate – which is evidence that the body has been suffering from sub-clinical lactic acidosis over a long period of time.

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Although the lactic acid cycle has been occurring for many years or even decades, it doesn’t mean that the lactate blood test will be high because the body compensates to keep it down earlier in life.

Also, the body does its best to prevent the blood from becoming too acidic- so the official diagnosis of lactic acidosis does not apply to most people until the very end of their life.

But the lactic acid cycle, once understood, helps you understand the mechanism of how your health degenerates. And it helps you understand that the best way to keep your health up is with lifestyle choices, natural remedies from food and supplements, and exercise.

When you think about your health in terms of preventing lactic acidosis, the death cycle, it is more holistic and more encompassing of all options to get improve your health naturally.

Compare this to only trying to “control your blood pressure” which is short-sighted, a temporary band-aid. Or compare it to only controlling your blood glucose with drugs. Or even getting rid of chronic pain with a painkilling drug.

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The lactic acid cycle explains the symptoms of most chronic illnesses. I have linked about 150 symptoms and conditions to it. This highlights that there can be multiple symptoms within your body that are in relation to one commonality – lactic acidosis.

For example, if someone comes to me with multiple symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness I can quickly determine through, history, diet, lab work, and other testing which of their symptoms were caused by Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens.

Lactic Acidosis is the Mechanism

It commonly becomes highlighted that Lactic acidosis is the Mechanism.

I can start to address each step and begin the cycle of reverse engineering their condition.

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The third is our poor diet because of the easy access to our horrible food supply.

Toxins, Pathogens and a poor diet are causing different forms of chronic illnesses that can’t simply be addressed thoroughly by just taking a drug.

When it comes to toxins and pathogens the correct way to address them is through the use of specific supplements. The correct way to address a poor diet, is to start eating healthy food.

Even though these 3 areas are causing chronic illnesses, they seem to be ignored by modern medicine.

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When it comes to preventing lactic acidosis, it’s important to learn more about the physiology of chronic disease. It’s just as important to understand how cells die as it is to understand how to make them healthier.

When you gain a deeper understanding as to how your cells are dying it becomes easier to prevent it if you are healthy or reverse engineer it if you have a chronic health problem.

If you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle or maybe feel as if you are suffering from chronic symptoms, you now have a new way of approaching this especially as you become more aware of Lactic Acidosis as the mechanism and Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens as the major causes.

Together these create symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness being some of the main ones.

As an example, does a prescribed drug fix any aspect of dying cells or the physiology of lactic acidosis… or does it just squash a symptom?

Does that food you are about to eat feed the pathological process of your dying cells and increase lactic acidosis or does it reverse engineer it and prevent it from ever affecting you?

reverse your health the nhcaa

How do you know which herb or supplement to take that will positively affect your health by reversing engineering lactic acidosis?

By understanding the physiology of chronic disease, all of this becomes easier to know what to do when it comes to reverse-engineering the lactic acid mechanism and optimizing your health.

Relying on Supplements For Pathogens and Toxins

I rely on supplements quite a bit to get rid of the pathogens and toxins within the Causes circle.

My favorite supplements fit into categories:

  • GLANDULARS – feed organs to help them function better.
  • “SPECIAL DIRT”- these supplements are the detoxifiers. You may know the term “binders” which is fulvic acid or humates – these come from dirt and they are the best at cleaning your body!
  • KILLERS These supplements are primarily herbs that are anti-microbial whether your problem is Lyme, Yeast, Viruses, Parasites, etc. or a combination of them.
  • DRAINERS These supplements make sure the normal cleansing pathways in the body are functioning well.
  • The nutrients we are all familiar with – VITAMINS AND MINERALS.

I use some sort of combination of these to help my patients improve their health naturally.

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