Stress for many people equates to worry.

Your mind may race, you may have difficulty sleeping, you can get stuck on a thought. One way to manage this tendency to worry is look at the problem and find a solution.

A very wise person once told me that worry is not productive. It won’t actually get you anywhere. You have to look at the problem and figure out what you will do about it. The first thing to do is make a list of your problems. List them all. Look at them one by one. Then, pick a way that you will address each one. One at a time. Start at the top of the list and work your way through.

Here are some examples of solving problems:

Problem: You are worried about your health.
Solution: Come in and see us. We can help with and be a part of your solution. You don’t have to do this one alone.

Problem: You don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner.
Solution: Get a crock pot and use it or cook on your day off.

Problem: You don’t know what to eat.
Solution: Look for ideas at or come to a lecture at our office.

Every problem has a solution. The solution is different for everyone. So, make a list, look at it, and let go of the worry. As part of managing your stress come in and see us. Stress depletes B vitamins and minerals. When we help you find out what your body needs to be healthier you will be better equipped to manage your stress and find solutions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon to teach you how to manage your stress naturally.

Yours in health, Kerry

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