How To Increase Your Health With These Three Things

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This health solutions blog is part 4 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”. Learn how to improve your health naturally below.

increase your health with good food with the proper proportions

Let’s Fix Your Body Instead of Punishing It

If the diagnosis of your health condition is off, and your cause is not even being considered, you will not get a cure. You may end up on drugs that actually punish your body instead of fixing it.

There is an equation that I have written on a board in my treatment rooms. It is the best way to answer many diet and food questions. The equation is this:

Quantities + Quality = Vitality

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The Goal is to Achieve Vitality in Your Health

The most important part of achieving vitality is by knowing your Quantities of foods.

These Quantities are:

  1. Portion sizes
  2. Serving sizes
  3. Grams of Carbohydrates consumed per day
  4. Grams of Proteins consumed per day
  5. Grams of Fat consumed per day
  6. Calories consumed per day

It is easy to know all of this! Just use a diet tracking app such as Cronometer. There are many others but this is the one I like to use the most.

All you have to do is put your foods and drinks into the app and the app will give you the numbers. Then you arrange your food choices to achieve your goals. Most people need to lower their carbs and increase their protein intake but this may not apply to you.

The QUALITY part of the equation is about which foods you choose to eat regardless of the numbers.

quality food will help increase your health

For example, if you want to increase your protein with high quality foods, you would choose grass fed beef over whey protein powder. You would choose organic chicken over soy protein fake meat.

Regarding consuming high quality fats, you would choose butter over margarine even though the numbers (quantities) are the same. You would choose fruit oils (avocado, olive, coconut oils) over seed oils (corn, soy, canola). The highest quality fats of all are the organic animal fats.

When someone asks me “What about bananas?” my answer is, “What about them?” and I teach them about this equation.

Quantity + Quality = Vitality

Are you asking what the carbohydrate content (quantity) is in bananas? If so, put it in cronometer to see what it says. Make your food choices fit your needs.

Are you asking about the quality of the food? Maybe you are allergic to them. Maybe they give you gas or bloating. Maybe they make you feel awesome. These are the discussions we have regarding Quality.

When you have the Quantities correct, the Quality of the food usually easily follows.

The poor Quantities foods also have poor Quality.

Keep this information in mind as you improve your diet starting today.

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3 Things You Need Personally to Improve Your Health

It’s important to be aware of the 3 things you need personally in order to increase your health. Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control. All 3 of these are related to each other. If you have increased one of them, the other 2 increase. If you decrease one, the other 2 decreases.

How do you start into this triangle? Pick one and increase it. The easiest place to start is with Knowledge.

Start with Knowledge about your body and how it works.

There are a lot of things that are not important to Know. For example, most of the “health” information in the news is false. Or it could be true but not important. It may be just a trending subject in order to get viewers and readers.

true data helps with increasing your health

What’s important to know is the information that is TRUE and IMPORTANT. How do you know if the information is true and important? You APPLY it to your life and see if it works for you! If it doesn’t work for you or if it is not true for YOU, then IT IS NOT TRUE!

The second of the 3 is Responsibility. There are plenty of people with lots of knowledge and no Responsibility. Picture that! Their health is poor yet they read books and watch videos to gain knowledge yet don’t apply it.

Another point is to keep making changes until you achieve optimal health. Keep the Responsibility up through time. Don’t let outside factors make you lose your focus and implementation.

Control sometimes comes in 3rd out of the 3 factors to improve your health. You can start to control your health after gaining knowledge and increasing your responsibility.

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Our Current Health Care System

Sometimes, an event forces you to take sudden control such as a terrible diagnosis like cancer or a heart attack. Sometimes a doctor can scare you into taking control or a spouse can lovingly make you take control.

Unfortunately, the health care system, run by government officials and insurance companies, wrestle control away from you.

MD’s force you to take a statin even though the research is pretty lame on them.
Pediatricians try to force vaccines into the family despite the risk of neurological damage.

Government dietitians say that meat is bad yet there is no science to back up that statement. So schools, the military, and government food programs feed everyone horrible food. These are just a few examples of how Control can be taken away from you.

If you are not sure you can control yourself, you can let others make you accountable to them. A good holistic doctor, your spouse, a family member, or a friend can be your foundation to execute a good health improvement plan. It is harder to let someone else down than it is to let yourself down.

Keep the Control and Responsibility high for the rest of your life to avoid falling back into bad habits. As time goes by and you gain more and more knowledge, it is easier and easier to get more Control and Responsibility so keep learning!

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