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This hardcore holistic nutrition blog is part 2 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Rules That Guide Our Thoughts On Improving Your Health

Now that we have all the results from the survey, timeline history, muscle testing procedure and any lab results, we interpret them in our holistic way. We have fundamental rules that guide our thoughts:

  • There are nutritional deficiencies and toxicities that need to be addressed.
Bodies can heal themselves the nhcaa
  • The body can heal itself.
  • Pharmaceuticals are a major factor in causing symptoms.
  • Diet is the foundation of health; nutritional supplements are supplemental to a good diet.
  • For some people, pathogens and toxins are equal or more important compared to diet.
  • The muscle testing procedure gives us details for supplement recommendations.

Record Your Diet

The first action step that we take even before completion of the testing procedures is to have you record your diet and maybe make some small changes. You can record your diet on paper or in a diet tracking app such as cronometer.com. 

cronometer the nhcaa

Examples of the initial food choice changes:

  • If you are eating obvious junk food, we ask that you start to decrease that slowly although most people do it quickly or they already did it a long time ago.
  • Increase protein intake
  • Increase or decrease fat intake
  • Consume more salt, mineral water, or electrolytes
  • Shop at better stores for food

Beyond these light, initial diet changes and with the foundational principles mentioned above, we now have created a detailed plan for you. 

Based on the results we have determined what core areas to focus on.

The main areas we focus on to improve your health naturally: 

—Pathogens that negatively affect your immune system such as fungus, viruses, parasites

—Toxins that poison your body such as chemicals and metals.

—Bad Food choices such as sugar, “seed oils”, and refined grains.

—Feeding one or more organs with specific nutrients to help them repair and function well. 

—And more…

Supplements are the other way, besides diet, to treat yourself everyday. Based on your needs, the supplements feed your body to do different things. 

The supplements are primarily concentrated food filled with nutrients that might be missing to accelerate healing. You can consider most of them to be “Organ-Specific Groceries”  

There are 5 categories of supplements:

supplements heal the body the nhcaa
  • Vitamins. The era of vitamin discovery was from 1911 to WW2 and has not been completed. Therefore, synthetic multivitamins are sub-par for health improvement which is why we use concentrated whole foods in a tablet form.
  • Minerals. Different organs need different minerals and we use minerals to accomplish various effects.
  • “Special Dirt” provides detoxification abilities that food can’t do. This category is called “Special Dirt” because there are components in soil that act as a filter to clean.
  • Glandulars. These are dehydrated, concentrated animal glands that feed your organs. Our ancestors used to eat glands all the time, but we don’t anymore.
  • Herbs. These are specific parts of plants that provide chemicals the plants made for their survival. These chemicals also help your body to do something positive.

This is how you are treating yourself. You are in charge and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, the greater your chances of success.

If you are ready to start your own health improvement program, contact us.

Your success is definitely dependent on how active you are with the recommendations and how educated you are. 

It is part of your responsibility to learn, learn, learn. 

We help you understand your body and your own situation. In our recommendations of what to do, we also discuss subjects to learn about. Together, we look at subjects so you can take control of your health. Ask us questions, search online, see our courses and our videos. 

The essence of learning is this: looking up definitions of words. Learning new words can help you understand why we are making these small changes to your lifestyle. You become enlightened to a new way of living that makes improvements in your health and in more ways. 

Your previous knowledge becomes less relevant or even deleted because you start to understand there are many fake messages such as “eggs cause disease”. 

You also start to understand what’s important such as which organs you should focus on improving, and what aspect of your diet to focus on. 

Combining your intellectual knowledge with your body’s “messaging” is the key to knowing how to improve your health naturally. As you make changes, your body responds with symptoms. For example, decreasing certain foods may change your energy levels and mood. Your body is telling you something. Paying attention and reporting these changes is vital for success. This is why we work together to monitor your health to continue to seek improvement. 

There are many general rules in health improvement. One of the easiest to understand but not always the easiest to do is to cut back on sugar. We are slowly cutting back on one of the main causes of chronic disease. 

It is well accepted that sugar and processed food cause health problems but in medicine it’s not being addressed. Doctors are more likely to ignore this whole subject of diet and if they do it’s just a command. Whereas we implement a whole strategy and training with you to get your diet right for your body. This may last a few weeks or even months. As you monitor your own health, you start to feel the positive changes for yourself. 

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