Common Symptoms and How Health Visits Work at The NHCAA

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

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Five Common Health Symptoms We See Our Patients Have

Man feeling depressed, overweight, and no motivation.

When coming in for their first health visit at The NHCAA, the patients that see me have one or more of 5 very common health symptoms but there are many more.

The 5 common symptoms are:

  • Pain
  • Overweight
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Fatigue


The pain is usually longer than 3 months old, meaning it’s chronic. The pain is a signal from your body trying to tell us something. We just need to decipher it. 

This pain can be anywhere in the body. It includes headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and abdominal pain. This pain could be caused by past physical traumas that aren’t healing, a bad diet, or it is a side effect of medications.

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We use pain in a beneficial way to determine where to go with your health improvement plan. It opens the door to lead us into a solution for the most urgent conditions. 


Being overweight or obese is not a disease but rather a symptom from several potential causes. Eating too much fat or carbohydrates, medications, toxicity, or hormonal imbalance can cause the symptom of weight gain or inability to lose weight.   


Depression is a lack of happiness or worse. Many people think their depression is “just me” or “it’s just how I am” but there are causes of depression that we can address nutritionally. 

We expect the depression to lift over the course of the first few weeks or months as your body gets healthier. A healthy brain occurs along with the body. Just remember, depression is not a death sentence requiring daily poisonous medications. It is a signal from your body that something needs help. Our job is to decipher the signal. 

We can help you if you lack motivation or are depressed.

The lack of motivation is the inability either mentally or physically to get started on a project like vacuuming the house or changing habits such as stopping sugar. I’ve had people tell me that their brain wants to get started on a project, but their body doesn’t follow. Likewise, people have told me their body feels healthy, but they just don’t have the mental motivation to start something new-and they are not depressed. 

Lack of Motivation:

If we don’t figure out the signal called lack of motivation, that is a huge barrier to healing because it can prevent someone from tackling the project of improving their health. 


Fatigue might be the most common symptom people come to me with. There are different types of fatigue that come from different areas of the body. Is your fatigue from the adrenal glands, cerebellum, heart, or diet? This question needs to be figured out so we can open the door for healing.

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How Health Visits Work

When you decide to contact the office, we will discuss dates and help you book your appointment. Typically we run with a 4-week waiting list which means the sooner you contact the office the sooner you can book in a slot. We have many different options for appointments. If you live local, come into the office. If you are not, you can do a Distance Phone Appointment or we have a Travel Package where you come to our office for intensive visits over 3-5 days. 

Along with the regular administrative paperwork, we have you fill out a health survey so we can better understand your health. This survey was designed by me to get a greater understanding of your health and symptoms. This survey is a great tool for us to know what we are starting with. Getting this back to us quickly is an important step. 

The NHCAA front desk performs a lot of tasks to help you get your health back

Watch Dr. Schmidt Videos

My front desk staff will also send you a list of educational videos to watch. It is important that you watch these videos. There are 5 videos and watching these will greatly enhance and improve your healing journey. 

First Health Visit

When you come into the office, we first perform a computer test called the Heart Sound Recorder which measures your overall health through your heart function.

Then we ask you about your health history in the form of a timeline. It is called Timeline History. We are looking for symptoms and dates when they occurred. We are looking to see if there are an identifiable cause and effect. 

After the Timeline History, we perform the “muscle testing” procedure to find out what your body has to say. The muscle testing procedure tells us which organs need help, why, and how to fix them.

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Second Visit – Report of Findings

The above occurs during the first visit, called the New Patient Visit. This is where we gather information. The second visit is called the Report Of Findings Visit where we give you a report of our findings. In other words, we tell you everything we found, our assessment, and we explain how the program works including timing between visits, costs, and what we expect of you. 

We talk about your diet at the end of each health visit.

Once you understand the journey and what is entailed, we start together on your health improvement program.

Long Distance Patient Health Visit

If you are a long-distance patient and we are talking over the phone, we do not do the computer test or muscle testing procedure. We rely on symptoms as indicators to know how your body is working. Another very important tool is called monitoring which means seeing how your body responds once you make a change. For example, if you start a supplement and feel better, we know that it is working and you should stay on it. If you change your diet and feel worse, we need to address that appropriately. 

A long-distance patient still gets amazing results because we have viewpoints and tools that other doctors don’t have.

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