Why Hardcore Holistic Nutrition Works

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 2 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

What is Hardcore Holistic Nutrition (HHN)?

It is nutrition designed to actually heal the body. It is using knowledge from our ancestors’ diets combined with the modern knowledge of how the body works.

Compare it with the standard dietetics and nutrition taught at a hospital. This diet is designed to maintain your disease condition. 

Diet examples for disease, not hardcore nutrition: 

standard american diet is not hardcore holistic nutrition
  1. The diet recommended by the American Heart Association actually causes heart disease. 
  2. The diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association never reverses diabetes; it maintains it so you are always stuck on drugs.
  3. The American Cancer Society thinks that red meat causes cancer which is not true and has never been shown in any scientific study.
  4. The USDA has been recommending a horrible high carb diet since 1980 which is the main cause of the chronic disease pandemic we are suffering from currently including cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

These dietary examples are the opposite of HHN. They are quite frankly, a waste of time and education. 

Since nutrition is what our bodies are made of, then nutrition has the power to heal them too. 

A healthcare provider who doesn’t begin to heal chronic illness using holistic nutrition is lost and is part of the systemic problem.

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History of Hardcore Holistic Nutrition

1910s: HHN was born in 1912 with the discovery of the first vitamin- B1. The era of vitamin discovery continued through the 1930s

1920s: Consuming animal glands aka Glandulars, an important part of HHN and the beginning of hormone therapy, was mastered by the 1930s. 

1930s: Dr. Weston A. Price toured the globe to study the traditional diets of indigenous tribes compared to modern foods. He taught us what a traditional human diet is.

Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD, found you could cleanse the cells of mercury
Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD

1940s: All of this phenomenal nutrition knowledge was pushed aside during World War 2. Pharmaceutical companies became really powerful and HHN was lost through into the 1980s. 

1980s: The idea of detoxification or cleansing of the cells of mercury appeared by Dr. Klinghardt. This was revolutionary because he brought validity and science to the concept of cleansing and detoxification.

1990s: A law was passed called DSHEA that protected the nutritional supplement companies all across the United States. It maintains the free market in this industry. 

2000s: Ketosis became well researched and popular. It is the native state of the body achieved by eating a very low carb diet. 

2010s: With the rise of social media, healthy habits become more accessible although institutions continue to promote non-scientific fallacies and non-nutritional, drug-centered policies.   

Combining the traditional diet, glandulars, detoxification, and ketosis (when appropriate) is HHN. Some “Incurable diseases” in drug-based medicine and conventional dietary advice become laughable. 

Present Day Doctors

Most doctors cannot even fathom the potential healing powers that the human body has. It just takes the right questions and the right approach to unleash that.

The essence of healing begins in the organs and down to the cells and mitochondria. 

If you eat animal organs and take glandular supplements, you have just started the repair of your body. 

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Why Eat Organs In A Hardcore Holistic Nutrition Program

Eating organs means eating liver and kidney and other animal organs. This was common practice not too long ago. There are “sweetbreads” which are the thymus, pancreas, and other smaller organs. Eating this way has been removed from our diet but you can still get the same nutrition by taking pills of concentrated organs.

Eating animal kidneys helps your kidneys.

Eating animal liver helps your liver.

This is because they contain the nutrients that your body wants and needs.

Beyond eating glands, there are specific nutrients in supplement form to enhance the health of cells.

There are supplements to detoxify cells, enhance biochemical function inside cells, and improve the structure of cells.

There are also specific nutrients and a diet to enhance the function of mitochondria. 

There are more than 2,000 mitochondria per cell which are small energy factories.

The diet that really helps mitochondria function well is the ketogenic diet. 

There is also lots of research on specific nutrients to enhance mitochondrial functioning. There are supplements that contain these nutrients for that purpose. 

hardcore holistic nutrition means supplements

Supplements Are Important For Healing

We make specific supplement recommendations to our patients at the appropriate time during their healing program. We have been studying the subject of supplements since the 1990’s and we are experts on this subject. Supplements and diet are the two most important tools for your health improvement. 

If you are suffering from various symptoms, you may have tried the conventional medical route with drugs, and you may have seen the shortcomings and lack of results. Maybe you have watched lots of videos on YouTube or are following different doctors or influencers online…

…And still found that you have not been able to get back to the way you want to feel and results have been disappointing.

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You’ve Come To The Right Place To Heal

Well, that’s actually how a lot of my patients end up finding our practice. This is a very common thing that happens to a lot of people, the positive side is that you are researching – you are looking and trying to do something for your health. 

All you need is the right combination or maybe something completely different to everything you have tried in the past. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what has failed you. By process of elimination, you have ruled out various therapies. Once we talk and you go through our standard procedures, we will be able to start you on the right path to optimal health.

holistic nutrition makes for happy people The NHCAA

If you feel as if you are ready for a different approach, then it is time to try Hardcore Holistic Nutrition. 

When you find the right combination of diet and supplements, you start to get your health back. The function reappears, symptoms dissipate, and you feel better. Your sleep gets better, excess fat comes off naturally, you get clearer brain function and more energy.

The right combination of diet and supplements reduces toxins, helps your immune system eliminate pathogens, and feeds your organs.

Organs talk to you by putting out specific symptoms. In conventional medicine, they try to erase the symptom but we use them as a sign. As you get better we are looking for the signs to diminish.

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