Looking for healthy lunch options for your kids and for yourself!?

It’s that time of year when we have our life more on a schedule away from the inconsistencies of summer activities. There are days when we are faced with packing a lunch (yes- a healthy lunch) for our kids or even ourselves if we are heading off to work. When packing a healthy lunch for adults and kids, it’s important to remember that the nervous system and the brain need fuel and thrive in particular from whole foods, B vitamins, and fat. If you or your child is having difficulty with energy, mood or memory, be sure you’re checking these healthy lunch tips.

Avoid Refined Sugar

  • Avoid refined sugar, genetically modified grains, poor quality dairy products and other highly processed foods like poor quality lunch meat. The foods on this list will have an array of adverse health effects from brain fog, fatigue, and inflammation from sugary or processed GMO grains, to digestive upset from dairy products or poorly processed meat. To make sandwiches, replace your store-bought bread with better ingredients like Bob’s Red Mill flours or make a lettuce wrap instead! Replace your lunch meats with a healthy meat. Buy and cook your meat from a market or local farm with animals raised in healthy conditions. Cook your roast or breast and then slice it thin for your own, healthy lunch style meat. If you need resources, ask your practitioner for our Markets and Farms handout at your next visit!

Eat foods for function!

  • Foods that will help sharpen your focus include a side of celery, sliced peppers, or carrots. These great veggies provide your body with Luteolin which contributes to reducing inflammation and improve memory.

B Vitamins

  • Don’t forget your B vitamins! Packing a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, having eggs for breakfast, and packing a healthy meat can all provide a healthy source of Choline which can help brain development, boost cognitive function and improve learning and memory! Eggs, beef, and fish will also give your brain a B12 boost and help with memory!

Good Fat Bars

  • Don’t forget Dr. Schmidt’s Good Fat Bars. These Good Fat Bars feed your nervous system, hormones, joints, and all your cells. It’s the most efficient source of fuel with no inflammatory or disease-causing effects like sugar and carbs. It makes you feel satisfied and provides endurance for many hours. You get brain power, focus, patience, and happiness when your body’s burning fat. Buy them at the Healing Shoppe or at www.goodfat.bar.

High-Quality Foodnuts and seeds

  • Blueberries are a good option for fun finger fruits. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that improve learning, thinking, and memory. If you or your child are a “hand-to-mouth snacker” – eating blueberries, one at a time, and thoroughly enjoying them may be a good side for your lunch! Add almonds for additional vitamin B and an enjoyable crunch!
  • Walnuts and pumpkin seeds provide an easily packed snack that is high in Omega 3’s which are good for the brain and memory.

Get Rest

  • Don’t forget your sleep! Nobody is going to function well, have a clear mind, feel energized, or have a good mood if sleep isn’t planned for and implemented. Be sure that everyone in your household is getting the appropriate number of sleep hours each night. Infants are recommended to have 16 hours, Teenagers are recommended to have 9 hours, and adults, (persons above 25 years old) are recommended to have 7 to 8 hours.

Vitamin D

  • Finally, aside from packing a healthy lunch for work or school, remember that vitamin D is good for the brain and stress. With Fall upon us, it may be time to ask your practitioner if you’re getting adequate vitamin D or if you should supplement throughout the winter. Vitamin D, linked to a stronger immune system, is always helpful with back to school!

Yours in health and happiness, 
Kristen Clore OTR
Nutrition Response Practitioner & Certified Wellness Coach